Has anyone had laser, and the hair has come back?


I keep hearing how laser only lasts for a while.

Is there anyone on this board who has had laser, the area was tottally cleared and then it grew back after they stopped having laser sessions.



i have had the hair removed about 10 times and it keeps coming back! :confused:


I would like to know if anyone has had laser hair removal and has been satisfied with complete permanent hair removal with no regrowth. I doubt it.Im not satisfied, I dont think it works. :confused:


It’s a lot more helpful, when posting your experiences–especially about things that don’t work–to post specifics like what sort of laser your practitioner was using, what the settings were, how many treatments you’ve had, etc. Even your gender, general age, and the areas you had treated.

You’re not going to get much response by just saying, “I don’t think laser works!” There are a lot of different types of laser, and different people respond differently. (It may even work on someone, but they may have new hairs grow in due to hormonal changes.)


i have had approx 10 treatments on my back and shoulders. I am a 33 year old male.My skin is pale white and my hair is dark brown. I dont know what kind of laser is being used, but i know the setting is at its max. I was told that people with lighter skin can use a stronger laser. anyway i would like to know if laser really works for permanent hair removal.My hair regrowth does seem finer and less but how many times do i have to zap it.Enough is enough there has to be a better way. :confused:


db, I know a few people who have had complete removal with laser, quite a few more people who had no permanent results whatsoever, and a majority who had some permanent reduction but not complete hair removal.

Much depends on practitioner skill and type of laser used. If you don’t know the type used, that could be part of the problem. There are many scams that pretend to be lasers which are essentially worthless.

If you can find out the brand name of the device used on you, we can give you more information.