Has anyone ever used Forever Gone by IGIA


I was just wondering if anyone has ever used the Forever Gone by IGIA…It is suppose to remove the hair permanately using galvanic waves. I heard mixed reviews about it. If anyone has used it or heard things about it please let me know.


Hi Mike!

That Forever Gone thing is a scam from one of the sleaziest companies in the industry. Save your money.

The only home-use device that can achieve permanent hair removal uses a metal probe that’s inserted in the follicle. The most common brnad is the One touch, and you can read about it in this thread.


I agree about the igea products. They are worthless!! I’ve been using Perma-Tweez (General Medical) for about 10+ years now. It’s hard to use on large areas of hair (unless you’re really patient and have a lot of time on your hands) but it’s super handy for those stray hairs that pop up everywhere. The batteries last forever and I’ve gotten used to getting the needle in the hair hole. I don’t know that they sell these much anymore but you can try calling 800-432-5362 to see if they do.


The General Medical device is almost impossible to find any more, but it’s very similar to the One Touch. The name is very confusing, too, since it actually uses a probe inserted into the follicle rather than one of those bogus tweezer thingies.

If you have any tips and tricks that might help others, definitely let us know!