Has anyone ever performed laser hair removal on themselves?

Epila is a scam.

FDA has no record of this make or model.

For my records:

BNB Medical Co. Limited claims to be from Korea



02)454-6406~7 Fax 02)454-6541

Scam to avoid!

Thanks Andrea
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Hey there,
Trust me, you’ve been ripped off. I received a machine, it didn’t work (thankfully), I sent it back to get a replacement in August, and I have received nothing in return. I hassle them on e-mail, now they don’t reply. They said they will give me a refund, I haven’t received it. It is a scam, whether the equipment works or not. All I know that when I received it and tested it (while it briefly worked) on the carbon paper that comes with it, it burned the ink, and that was at low setting. I sure as hell wasn’t going to turn it on myself. I’m following Andrea’s advice and contacting the FTC, as well as US Customs, as I have e-mails from them telling me to show the product value as $0 when I was sending it back for a ‘replacement’, thereby avoiding Customs charges. They also label it as ‘OEM laboratory laser’ on the packaging which sounds dodgy too. And on the actual invoice, they list it as a Hair Removal laser. Must be a way to trip them up somehow!
I’m mad as hell, I’ve lost my money, but I’m also not permanently scarred. I just can’t believe that a company that scams so many people is allowed to get away with this thing. If you do receive your laser, bin it, or at least zap yourself for a few seconds first where you can take the pain i.e. leg. Once you’ve done that I bet you won’t use it.
I believe that what goes around comes around, so they’ll get what they deserve eventually. US law should shut them down tho, it’s a joke they’re still there.

oh my GOD ! how much did it cost??

Cost me 2000 bucks, but I’m not scarred for life or blind so I’m alright with it. Was fuming for a while, but have resigned myself to losing the cash. My point still stands though, how the hell is it that they are allowed to continue advertising and trading? They have basically stolen money, their site contains false advertising with their money back claims and false descriptions of what they are selling. Is it not possible to shut them down, what do they have to do, kill someone?