Has anyone ever gotten refunded from crappy trtmt?

I’m going over an email to send to the business manager of the Dermatologist office where I got laser over a long period. Trying to remove the emotion and my anger from it, over wasting my time + around $1k for my underarms.
I’m just curious, have any of you ever gotten a place to just, refund you… if they set it too low etc, and you got zero results. We all know laser is one of the MOST expensive things we can do! I know for me, I’m cheap so it’s a HUGE deal to me! I was good going to a well regarded NY clinic because I paid all that for RESULTS.
But a certain Dr’s place in FL has a maybe not well trained Physicians Assistant doing their laser, that I trusted, as she shrugged off the setting #s I told her from my last place, thinking “oh maybe she does it differently”
Anyway it’s such a pain, not sure if it’s stupid of me to put in my message that I’d like a refund (if thats NEVER done) or if I should just ask to see a different person in their other location…
The details would be too long. But thanks 4 reading!

Okay… 1 quick detail… during a convo over this with the Physicians Assistant who did my treatment, she mentioned that “oh your old settings were on a GentleLASE (I’d just told her my last place was GentleLase)… we have GentleMAX PRO, so it probably isn’t the same!” Is that not ridiculous? Are those not the same?

You should ask for a refund. Even if you signed those obnoxious papers … you are, in the eyes of the law, still entitled to a refund if you didn’t get what you paid for.

I forgot the name of the actual law, but it’s like this, if you paid for a meal and didn’t get it … you get your money back. Eventually, I’ll do a video (and paperwork) on this refund notion … but all consumers are too often ripped off.

(BTW my average underarm case comes in about $450 for the entire job … with a 100% guarantee.)

I"m moving near your area soon… wish I’d gone to you then :slight_smile:
But thats nice to know that I’m not asking anything crazy if I ask them for a refund. It was per treatment, I don’t think I signed anything other than permission to treat.
I had this feeling that it’s like the wild west, and you’re always screwed with laser, even if thats messed up.
So ironic because I chose a Dr because that was always rec’d instead of the ‘crazy chains’ but the Dr doesn’t even have any guarantee like my place in NY, who say that any treatment after I think 7 is free if you didn’t get results.

Hello, in my opinion i do think it is fair to ask for a refund if the job is not do properly.

It is too easy when physician say that result are never guaranteed.

My point is that if a technique proposed by a medical office is so hazardous, then it should not exist. we should not pay to be lab rats for techniques that are not well developed.

On the other hand if the technique is well established with permanent result (like electrolysis.) The practitioner must master is skill and be able to provide the TTT ( the total treatment time ) and consequently the price to do the job.

When you do a consult with a physician to undergo LHR, you are informed about the different that can influence your treatment( in a good or in a bad way)

If you have all the “best” characteristics to be the perfect candidat for LHR ( pale skin, dark hair, no hormonal imbalance etc) and at the end, you have no result. It is clear there is a problem! Not with you and your body! But with the physician and or his nurse, the technique, the settings. But not you. In this case i see no reasons why they don’t have to refund you.

I would definitely ask for a refund. If they won’t do that I’d ask to be re-treated at no additional cost. If they won’t do that I’d contact Candela, explain the situation and try to get something in writing that states the settings used on you were insufficient. Actually, maybe you should do that first so you could use that as leverage if need be. If all the above fails I would use social media to leave negative (but accurate) reviews of your experience. Good luck and let us know what happens.

With electrolysis (laser too) there is only one significant problem: pain!

Our industry is wholly behind the times in searching and establishing effective remedies of “the only” problem.

Still, this issue remains on “the back burner” and never discussed in any association convention.

It is the 21st Century and patients do not have the expectation that they should have to suffer in any way whatsoever for any procedure. And, they’re correct!

So far, in most cases, the transgender electrologists have been the most active in seeking remedies. I suppose it takes a sufferer to push forward?

Agree you should ask for a refund.