Has Anybody.....

used Nair Bikini Creme? Did it work?

what do you consider working?

Click on the search feature and type in “Nair” or “depiliatory” and see the wealth of information here on the site.

i havn’t tried it but i once accidently had some nair transfer onto a nipple and not only was it very painful it also left scabs that lasted for weeks. So if you go the Nair path be very careful where you apply it and watch for transfer.

Let me rephrase that question…did anyone ever recieve good results using this product?

Please describe what you consider a good result.

Some people get chemcical burns, others get some temporary relief, others get eneven results, and still others get something they can live with sometimes, and something they can’t live with other times.

In my opinion, most are better off shaving instead of using these types of products.