Harvey Grove: Contact Information? I'm Worried

I have not heard from Harvey since October, and all his contact info has returned null and void. No email working, phones disconnected, and of course, since his practice was closed years ago, that is not good either.

Let’s just be honest, as a man in his 80’s, I am very concerned that I have not heard from him, and I have nothing but not in service notices for my attempts to contact him. I made some calls to the Boston area, but have had no return calls on this subject. So, I am sounding the alarm. If anyone has any information about Harvey Grove, and can tell me his whereabouts, please post info here, or call me at 716-897-4247, or shoot me an email.

Do you know of any electrologists in the Boston area that you could call that know Harvey?

I made calls, and so far, I have no information.

I am happy to report that I have been contacted by Mr. Harvey Grove, and the reports of his demise are vastly exaggerated. :grin: He has simply moved to a retirement community, and that explains his dropping off the face of the earth with dead phone numbers, email, and so on (Since all that was tied to location specific services).

So we won’t be putting our probes at half mast just yet.

I’m glad, James.
Mr. Grove seems to be a very special person for you. :slight_smile:

Although Harvey is not the easiest person to interact with at times, he is an intellectual and has attempted to better the industry. One of his greatest contributions was the founding of the Journal of Electrolysis (JOE), which is still published by the American Electrology Association.

Glad your buddy is okay, James.

I know this is a long shot, but anyone who wishes to send Harvey well wishes, pictures, gifts or a hello from someone he has not seen in ages, you may send them to me, and I will pass them along to him in February, when we meet up.

Then I will have to work out when I will be visiting my other friend who some humanoid claims that I have never met (even though I have the pictures to prove that we have been in the same place at the same time more than once).

If your friend Harvey accepts the good desires of an unknown electrologist, it will be a pleasure to send one “Hello”. I hope that Mr. Grove enjoys his retirement.

Does he have access to a computer at his retirement place? He can come join us again and I promise to be kinder to him this time around :slight_smile: .

He is determined to enjoy his retirement now.
“No more arguing about dead issues” is how he put it.

James, if not too late. Can you send this message to Mr. Grove?

“Thanks for the time spent to improve the Electrology”.

I would also like to send you some flowers and some chocolates, but I fear that would wither on the trip. Maybe you could take from me? of course I would pay the costs if there is any way to pay through Paypal or similar.

Do not forget you give a big hug to Harvey.

Actually, you are in luck. The week I was to have met up with Mr. Grove, The United States had a storm of epic proportions that brought a huge swath of the nation to a stand still. Get out your maps, and consider the implications of a snow storm that stretches from Nevada, across to Maine, and as wide as from the Canadian Boarder to the middle of Texas. The day I was supposed to leave, in the morning, I spent until the afternoon just liberating the driveway to be able to take the car out to the street.

I will gladly pass on your tribute to Harvey, and PayPal will work great for your purposes here.

For anyone who still cares, Harvey and I had a most excellent adventure, and had all the people in the restaurant rolling their eyes at the geek chat we were having.

He wishes you all the best.

Oh this is fantastic!
Some photo to immortalize the moment?
If so, can we see it?
I am in debt with you, James. Make me know the quantity and I do the transference.

Mr. Grove continues refusing to delight us with his contributions?? If you have not managed to do the miracle. Nobody will obtain it.

Say to him that Electrology has not died. It is more alive than never. Maybe if he puts his two cents, the new generations of electrologists have a good reason to never retire.
Another reason to return, millions of persons need from his experience and knowledge.

After another absence, my friend Harvey poked his head up to say hello. Seems he had lost access to his email, and his previous phone number (a land line) was disconnected when he moved.

He passes his well wishes to us all and hopes that the future has beautiful electrolysis results.

He thanks you all for your well wishes.

That is very lovingly of you to not forget him, James. Elderly people are tossed aside and forgotten too many times. Glad he is doing well.