Harry man - want to look good on honeymoon - HELP

I’m a 26 yr old man, harry as an ape… I’m getting married in 7 weeks, and want to look good (hairless) on my tropical honeymoon.

I know the laser treatments won’t work with only one session, but I would like to start them now, but also don’t want to look bad with my shirt off in the weeks following my first treatment.

Will I see a major (if only temporary) reduction in the hair on my upper body, the remainder of which could be easily shaved?

Also, I’m in the Boston area, and need advice on finding a place to have it done (white as a ghost, DARK COURSE hair on upper body) Any advice on which laser, and how to choose a place to have it done? Also, and idea of the cost I may expect?

Thanks in advance for any help!

You will need to find someone this week and do it because otherwise, you won’t be outside of the 6 week healing time you need to be able to be frolicking in the sun on your trip.

You won’t look good with your shirt off for a few weeks after treatment.

Hi Hairy Man

On such short notice you will be better off with a good waxing.

If you want permanent removal then get laser or electrolysis, but realize it will take some time and cost a lot more than a wax job. If it is just for the beach on this one occasion the get the waxing.


I agree that a good waxing just before leaving is your best solution. When you return start one of the permanent removal programs

Thanks for the suggestions. I do plan on starting LHR soon, but I don’t want to end up having to stay out of the sun on my honeymoon…

So a 4-6 week healing time is required before going back in the sun after a treatment?


for best results, you should stay away from the sun for the ENTIRE set of all 4-8 treatments you will need. laser targets the dark pigment and will work best if you have as light skin as possible and as dark hair as possible (also coarse is better). it’s an expensive treatment, so i would probably start it in the fall or winter if you want the best results and can’t stay away from the sun. also, lasering tanned skin can cause burns and hyperpigmentation for extended periods of time. also, take into account that 4-8 treatments you will need are spaced about 8-10 weeks apart.

I appreciate the info…

I guess I’ll plan on starting in the late fall, early winter. That will give me time to research doctors/techs that can do the LHR, and which laser to use. Could any of you give me any advice on these choices?

Thanks again!

For your hair and skin type, you will be best of finding a practitioner with a diode or alexandrite laser. These are types of lasers and several manufacturers make both kinds. Have a few consultations to compare costs and most importantly the experience of the tech to avoid any burns and complications. Experience of the person performing the treatment is ultimately most important. Where are you located? You can search for recommended places in your area through the search feature on this and the other 2 laser hair removal forums. Also, some places offer prepaid packages and others let you pay as you go, per treatment. I would recommend having at least one treatment done first to see the initial results (since laser doesn’t work on everyone and make sure this tech is best for you) before you commit to any prepaid packages. Good luck.