harmone questions

I do not know where to put this question and hence I am putting it here.

Why is it that some women have more hair on their body as opposed to some women have very very few hair on their bodies?

Is it related to some kind of harmones?

If you try to suppress those harmones it might have some side effects.
Why is that since these harmones only affect the hair growth.

Is there no medication available which can affected the hair follicles?

What do all those actresses do to get rid of hair?

Your amount of hair is determined by many variables, the most influential being heredity and hormone levels.

If your hormone levels are off due to a medical condition, there are drugs you can take to get them in check. In addition, obesity can sometimes affect hormone levels and trigger hair growth.

Dark hair color can also make hair more noticeable.

Actresses and models remove hair as part of their jobs. Most get it done professionally at salons. Waxing is common, but some also get laser and electrolysis. For them, appearance is something they spend a lot of time dealing with, much more than people in most other jobs.