Hardening of skin?

Hi there,

My DIY partner and I have been practicing galvanic electrolysis and we’ve gotten good enough that we started on our faces (chin/side burn areas). We’ve been using settings @ 0.5 for 20-30 secs per hair. ALthough the hairs 90% of the time slide out effortlessly, we’ve been noticing sometimes that we get “hardening of the skin”. What I mean by this is that when you pressed gently down on the area of skin it feels hard to touch compared to untreated skin. Is this abnormal? If so what could be the reason for this?


If you mean that while you are working in an area, you notice that the area you are working in starts to become firm and maybe red, it is just natural due to the increase in blood flow to the area as a normal part of the body healing process. If you have gotten as good as you say, you are probably ready to step up to Blend now.

Thanks for going with a buddy plan and doing each other instead of self work. Please talk to everyone about how much better this has worked out for you, as people don’t seem to believe us when we say this is the best way to go if one insists on doing anything other than going to a professional.

If you mean healed areas, which are lighter than the others, this could be deep scar tissue.

Does the deep scar tissue heal over time? I recently had some hours of electro done on my face and now i do see this line of raised skin and lighter area . I wonder if the sunscreen could be irritating it but i am very concerned about not using sunscreen as i am hoping to prevent hyperpigmenttion in the areas treated. Im using the most natural sscreen i can find still maybe it is reacting. I am outdoors alot though so it can not be avoided…what is best to do. Sheesh i am feeling so low about all of this right now

If the hardening is due to increased blood flow to the area, is it okay to continue performing electrolysis in that area, or does the hardness make it more difficult? Is it recommended to work on a different area in the meantime while the hard areas are healing??