Hard to use epilator on body areas you can't see?

How difficult is it to use an epilator on the backs of your legs and on your back? (I’m a man)

I’m thinking about buying one but if you need to carefully position the machine when using it, and need to see what you’re doing, then I would always need a helper because I can’t see the backs of my legs and butt and I can’t even reach parts of my back.

If I would always need a helper to use an epilator, that makes it a lot less usable compared to an electric clipper which I can use on the backs of my legs and butt fairly well by touch alone, though of course I still can’t do my back without a helper.

I am not happy with the electric clipper because the results last so briefly before the hair grows back so I am investigating the usability of an epilator. Very grateful for any thoughts.

Its easy to use a rotary epilator on your legs.

On the back, not so much… I don’t have much back hair at all, just a little bit on my lower back. I epilated it one time only, it was very painful, similar to epilating the armpits, and I got a ton of ingrown hairs.

I use my epilator on the arms and legs only. I have a norelco bodygroom thing that I use on my chest and other areas.

Note also that some epilators are safer to use than others, ie some of them are much more likely to grab your skin than others so you have to be more careful. I have an emjoi right now which has 4 tweezing heads on it, it works more quickly but is more likely to grab the skin than the previous one I had which was a panasonic.

my advice:
don’t get a cordless epilator, they use too much energy and the battery will die before you are done

only use the epilator after taking a hot shower and using a loofah or body scrub to exfoliate the area… the epilator grabs moist hairs better and it is less painful since the follicles are dilated by the heat.

edit: cordless epilator is ok if it can be used while plugged in also, but many of them including my old panasonic can not be used while charging

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Anyway, I use Philip’s Satin Perfect everywhere from chest down (except back). Takes a while to understand what it can and can’t do but your body and skin will adjust. I get all the hard to reach and delicate areas just fine. I usually do what you’re not supposed to do but it works for me. I use epilator during the week and then shave legs on weekend. Shaving gets them smoother than epilator. I also shave my face in the shower w/o a mirror and it is similar to using epilator where you can not see.

I use to get waxed which was nice but hard to find services for males and hard to guarantee what method they’ll use. Last time I spent over $200 on wax job and it started growing back in a week. Have been using epilator all summer and it’s worked out great!

doing the backs of your legs is no problem but for the back you need someone to do it for you. if you only have hairs on the shoulders and the lower back then I think you can remove the hairs by yourself

You are going to need to enlist the help of a friend for the back.