Hampshire, England, anyone been to a good one?


So I havent posted here for at least a couple of years, glad its still going always pop in to check up. Keep up the brialliant work everyone.

Im a 28 male and have finally decided to take the plunge with electrolysis. Areas i want treated are dark course hairs in patches (mainly top) back, shoulders and upper arms.

I know people always come on here asking for recommendations as finding a decent electrolysis is soooo hard. So if anyone can let me know of a good place in Hampshire, England i promise to return the favour with diaries and plenty of photos of my progress.

Also this week i am starting my ring around to possible places so if people could let me know of good questions to ask i would be eternally grateful.

Finally, from checking im thinking one of the best machines out there is the Apilus Platinum? Is this correct? (I know it depends on the user also)

Thanks guys, your the best.

Hi Chris!

Im in Hampshire, here. This isnt going to be the most helpful post as I havnt had any electrolysis yet, but I am interested to see if you have any replies as I am hoping to finish off clearing some areas with it.

I currently go to a sk:n clinic to be treated, and I am thinking of going here next: http://www.ambiencebeautysalon.co.uk/ (this is in Southampton city), but I cant say I have put much research into it.

Good luck with everything!

Skin clinic does laser, not electrolysis, right?

I haven’t seen any recommendations in your area on the forum. It’s a pretty specific location. The only reviews in the UK have been mostly for London electrologists.

I would instead call up electrologists and post here the name of the machine and type of electrolysis they use. Then go for consultations and sample treatments and let us know whether you feel the hair slide out without resistance.

Hi babbenclark,

Yep finding laser down here is a whole lot easier epecially those sk:n clinics theres one in portsmouth and one in gosport had some sessions on beard about 5 years ago without success. Pretty sure they all use IPLs? Have you had much success?

I did come across that ambience beauty salon, thing is it looks abit salony for me, im trying to find somewhere which only does electrolysis. The reason behind this is i feel like i will be slightly less embarrased what with me being a manly man ha.

LA girl, when i ring around ill post machine used and type, am i right in saying the Apilus Platinum is the best of the best?

Im willing to travel upto an hour to fing the best place. So london is not out of the question.

Apilus Platinum is a great machine, but I wouldn’t limit yourself to that. Look for someone using modern equipment in general, thermolysis method of electrolysis preferably.


I wouldnt say Hampshire is a ‘specific’ location. There are several major cities in the county, and Im sure there is great demand for treatments such as these.

Yes, sadly sk:n clinics only do Laser. They do use a proper laser though - I am treated with a Candela and its been great so far.

I know what you mean about the ‘salony’ nature of that place - I would rather go somewhere that looks a little more professional but I have little spare time so I cant really afford to waste time travelling.

Good luck with your search!

Candela makes lasers. This person is looking for an electrologist, not a laser clinic.

Yes, youre right LAgirl. We’re having what is known as a ‘discussion’. Feel free to browse the numerous other posts on this board if it irks you.

The “discussion” was confusing since you are discussing clinics that only treat with laser and the OP asked about electrologists.

babbenclark - good to hear your having success with your treatments.

I do think ambience beauty looks professional just i have this thing in my head where i think ill be less embarrassed if the place in question only does electrolysis. I know it will take alot of courage when the day comes as i get nervous just thinking about it. I guess its a fairly embarrassing topic for me.

Keep an eye on this thread because i will definately be posting the results of my ring around, hopefully this weekend.

LAgirl - have you got that link for registered electrologists in the UK please? Im sure ive been on it before.

This? http://www.electrolysis.co.uk/