Hairyness controlling my life

To me being hairy seems to be the worst thing a person could be. I am a 17 year old male with LOTS of hair, i have hair everywhere and lots of them. Chest, abdonminals, back, legs, arms, neck. Ive been having this problem since the age of 14. The hair are controlling my life, i am unable to do a lot of enjoyable things. They are closing a lot of oppututies for me. I know a lot of the people that come to this site have similar problems as me. But is there hope for me, Will i be able to go simming, and to the beach?,please give me some feedback

p.s. I am thinking of gettin laser treatment, i would be happy with just all the hair on my upper body to disapper. Legs dont seem to be bothering me much, i just wana be able to take my shirt off lol

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My friend had similar problem and the problem is solved: LASER HAIR REMOVAL!

I am also getting it done soon :smile: So just don’t worry —> there is a solution!

Hello kurupt…

If interested, read my post of May 20, 2004 on the main board to “laceluna”. Don’t despair as you are young enough to start a hair removal program. Study this board real seriously as per electrolysis vs laser. Yes there really is a solution so focus on that aspect and make a wise decision. Once you are ready to make a committment, then you must stick with your plan. Be consistent, as this process won’t happen overnight but success will be yours in the end. Understand that this process doesn’t come cheap. You will have a fairly large financial outlay, but that is the price to pay for good, successful treatments. Good luck.

hello guys thanks for the comments. I hope i will be rid of my unwanted hair some day. I dont want it all again, i just want to be “normal”. When i get a job etc., im sure i can and am willing to put about 1500 dollars a year toward laser treatments. Do you think 1500 dollars a year will be enough to keep atleast my upper body hair free. And i dont mean 1500 when the treatments start, i mean after i get maybe 3-4 treatments, 1500 for touchups to maintaine hair free, as i belive even LASER CAN NOT keep u hair free perminantly for life.