Hairy teen needs help!

Ok i’m 18yrs old and have had a hair problem on my chest and stomach now for 2 yrs but most noticably this last year. I just want to say I hate having hair on my chest and stomach!!! I lift/work out 2 times a day and am depressed that i can’t show of my “hidden” six pack. I’m so worried about the summer cause all my friends love to swim and none of the guys have chest hair…plus I honestly know that girls don’t like the chest hair. So its like a horrible secret i hold. I’ve saved up my money and have now decided that i will be gettin LASER hair removal from a Plastic surgery laser hair removal clinic. I would really love to hear any encouragement about this course of action and if i need to know anything else before i do this…

P.S. plz pray that this works cause i can’t stand it anymore!

Hi Knight,

I can’t help but feel sad that society has “advanced” to such a level that men are forced into being ashamed of chest and abdominal hair - it is after all a very natural occurence for males. :frowning:

Maybe the reason your friends don’t have it is due to your young age - perhaps you have matured at a faster rate than they have - it does happen. They may well develop it themselves over the next few years.

I’m not sure I agree with your assessment of the female perspective though. As a woman, I find chest and abdo hair INCREDIBLY SEXY on men. Hairfree chests somehow look too “boyish” and young.

I’m not suggesting you don’t get it treated if that’s what you really want, but I would think carefully about it before you make the decision. If all your mates suddenly develop chest hair in 5 years, and you are left smooth, you could well feel like the odd one out all over again. And it can’t be put back once it’s gone.

Just have a really serious think about ALL the aspects before you make a decision you may regret later in life. Have you tried waxing or other methods of non-permanent hair removal? Waxing might well give you the chest you want during the summer, and you could see if over the next couple of years you still feel the same - or you might fall in love with a woman who LOVES hairy chests and want to let it all grow back so she can tweak it lovingly!! :grin:

Trust me though - If I were on a beach watching a group of young men having fun, my eyes would always fall to the ones with the hairy chests. :wink:

Good luck whatever you decide,


Hey, I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve had a hair chest/stomach (real hairy… )and back for years. I’m 21 now. I haven’t been swimming since I was 15 because of it. All my friends always ask me to go swimming and when I say “no thanks” they always ask why. I usually come up with some lame excuse. I work out a lot, so I have a decent body and it sucks.

It’s always awkward when you get intimate with a girl for the first time,too. What is she going to think that she’s making out with a monkey? sigh.

I’ve started laser treatment on my back,but have only had one. I’m going in for my 2nd treatment in May. I can’t wait.

Good luck with it all, keep us posted.

Well, if you have dark hair colour and light skin colour, Laser hair removal will work for you. Remember the first please to check is

However, since you are only 18, you might want to wait another year for more hair to grow out before you start the treatment.
I would suggest wax before go to swim.

If you have dark hair and medium to light skin, laser hair removal is a good choice for you. Finding a good practitioner is important.

I would recommend finding a practitioner with the Lightsheer laser. I have had great results with it. I started out with the Apogee alexandrite and had good results with it too but went to the Lightsheer on my practitioner’s recommendation.

When I started laser treatments I had so much chest hair that I could not see my skin if I let it grow wild. The hair was reduced by about 50% after the first treatment. Your results may vary of course. After about 8 treatments I have only 10% of it left. I want it all gone (I work out with weights too) so I am having touch ups done with electrolysis on the white hairs and the Aurora IPL/RF system for the finer black hairs left.

Those not afflicted with extreme amounts of body hair do not understand how hot and uncomfortable it is in the summer and when working out.

You will not regret the decision to have the hair permanently removed. As you get older, looking too “boyish” will not be an issue especially since you work out with weights.

Good luck and if you have any questions ask away.


As always, I completely agree with RJC.

Per his advice, I started with the LightSheer as well. I will be going in for my second treatment on May 9th.

I keep my rug on my chest/stomach down to about 1/4" and I have to trim it every week. Gets old really fast. And boy oh boy, if I do let it grow man it’s hot in the summer. You just can’t explain to people how hot and uncomfortable it is.

I’m not worried about looking “boyish”… There are a lot of people who are “blessed” with not much body hair. I envy them!

Oh well, I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my 2nd treatment (on my back) next month.


I think FleaBag is correct, most women prefer men with at least some body hair. I’ve seen poll after poll where most women are attracted to men with hairy chests, legs, and arms. So maybe you should just trim the hair short and let the ladies enjoy your maleness. Or perhaps talk to some of your female friends to get their perspective before you commit to laser. Just think of all the fun you can have with the money if you don’t get lasered.

However, if you really don’t like body hair, then I do encourage you to go for the laser treatments. Like you, I was very hair at a young age (I’m now 37). I wish laser was available in my youth. It would have save a great deal of effort on waxing/shaving over the years. And even though I realize that most ladies like body hair on men, I choose to go smooth because I don’t like having a hairy body. And one thing that most people don’t realize is that being smooth feels really good!

I think that you should do it for you, and not worry about what women like. If you would feel more comfortable with doing the procedure, go for it. You will feel more confident in yourself, and attract more women to you for your confidence.
And to be honest with you, the women who like you for your chest hair or lack thereof, are too shallow to be with in the first place.

well, i can certainly relate to everything being said. knight, i first want to say that this process will take a bit of time and money. and it seems like lightsheer seems to be working for most people. as far as relating to you and others… i also dont care to go to the beach/ swimming, intimacy is more difficult and pretty much anything else that requires the shirt off. keep us updated on your results.

I say go for it and remove the hair. I find that being smooth benefits my every waking minute, where as keeping hair just too please a potential mate seems a bit short sighted. Everything you do from the clothes style you wear to the job you have potentialy limits the number of women who will be attracted to you. Since you can’t please everyone, why not at least please yourself and remove the hair if it bothers you.

I used to think my chest hair was cool until I hit my late 20’s and grew tired of having it poke through my dress shirts at work, or getting caught in zippers. I have been through 4 rounds of hair removal with the Lightsheer and have just finished my first round of electrolysis. The laser worked very well at removing or lightening the majority of the hairs (70 to 80%) and now my electrolysist is removing the remainder. I figure in another 8 to 12 months I will be done with this hair for good and only have to see her maybe a few minutes here and there for removal of new sprouts.



Have dated men both smooth and hairy, and ended up marrying a smooth one. Must say I don’t miss cleaning up the all the hair that used to end up accumulating in the bathroom with the hairy guys. :wink:

The other posters have a good point in that any woman who would rule out a guy for too much/not enough chest hair is a woman that you wouldn’t want anyway. If you have it removed, do it for yourself. (Starting off with waxing was a good suggestion, too.)

I’m having some areas treated now and I’ve spent a lot of negative energy over the years being unhappy about this hair, feeling like it was gross and worrying about potential rejection from it. If others noticed, they never mentioned it. My husband supports my decision to have the laser hair removal because it makes me happy, but I don’t think he really cares much one way or the other.


I think it depends on how long the chest hair is.

for some reason I love my chest hair, but I have really long hair.

I think hair on the chest and abdomen is probably a necessary evil. Without hair there, males tend to look like they’re 12 years old. Body builders wax it to show off muscle definition, but they don’t do that every day. As you get older, it’ll become more acceptable.

Knight, I am a 40 year old man who went through what you are going through over 20 years ago. I’ve had hours and hours of electrolysis and use to get very down about it. I rarely did any sport because of it and became rather secluded. What saved me in the end was the laser - it does work - I’ve had it on my back (it’s virtually all gone now after a few treatments) and reduced the hair on my arms and chest. Ironically, now that the technology is there to remove hair completely, I’ve started to think - after all these years - so what if I am hairy, it’s natural. So my recomendation to you is, try and ignore it and live with it. Just ignore it until you reach your mid 20’s - you will discover as I did year and years it took me to discover this because I refused to acknowledge this fact - most guys are hairy. AND women and men don’t care how you look.

I’m 37 and only wish the technology had been developed sooner. For years back hair was the bane of my existence.

I don’t recommend waxing if considering LHR. After hairs are ripped out, blood flow to the follicle is increased, which can, in fact, strengthen it. This according to my dermatologist, who performs no hair removal procedures and is presumably unbiased.

It’s true as one gets older such things become less important. But not having to suffer the embarrassment of back hair has improved my self esteem considerably.

Hello. I am a female and most of the guys I have dated have a hairy chest. I see nothing wrong with it at all. Men are suppost to have body hair. Some men don’t. Some women actually real like it. I have never seen anyone at pool makefun of or look strangely at a guy with a hairy body. My husband has a hairy body and goes around with out his shirt. Don’t be sad:) I have a problem with body hair and I am a female. No I should be sad:( I am. I am only 20, attractive and I can not even wear a bikinni because of it.I hate it but there is nothing I can do about it because I have no money. All I can do is wax and stuff. Plus my facial hair is a pain in the but. So be happy you are not a female. It is more embarassing and not accepted at all by society. Alot of women have the problem. You would think by now they would have envented something with no side effects that was permanent. I think we all were an hairy animal at one time…lol Keep in touch. :relaxed: