Hairy monkey type, wants info on rotary epillitories?!?!?!?

I have very thick hair on my chest, thin on my back and shoulders. OK with that said I have an ole school EpiLady rotary epillator thing, it works great on the thin shoulder hair…but I was wondering if there was one that is good on very thick body hair, and by the way pain means nothing to me. Please offer some suggestions/prices/where to get them, for ones good at ridding of thick body hair, thanks!


Since you’re already using a Epilator, sure you can also do your chest.
However. I would recommend for the first time, let a professional do it.
After that, give it a go on your chest.
If your not happy with the type of epilator, I have been very happy with my “Duel Rotary Epilator”. It can be used on any part of the body and from the other ones that I have tried ,it works far better.
I got it at Sharper Image for $100.
They do sell them on E-bay on other places on the net.

Hope this helped?

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thanks aguila

Does anyone know anything about the “Norelco Satin Ice Epilator”? Is it good on tough, thick, male chest hair?

The Philips/Norelco Satin Ice will work on chest hair.
That model has a ice chamber that’s suppose to cool the skin before the hair is romoved.
Otherwise it’s still a single row Epilator.

So I should probably go with “duel” huh??? Cool, now I just need to find somewhere to obtain one of these, on ebay all they have are the Satin Ice ones and I think maybe a braun one or other types…who makes your epilator? Im in need of a good one the EpiLady I have is not near strong enuff for my chest, just gets hung up…

alan, if the rotary epilator is getting caught on the hair, maybe it is because the hair is too long. ive heard that shaving first, then waiting to see hair, or trimming the hair really short is the way to go. however, i have not used an epilator myself. i want to get one to use on my back, all of it. how much pressure do you have to apply to get it to work? how long does it take to do your chest? let me know if you think this could work, i would really appreciate it. andrea, you too, your input is always helpful.

Personally, it looks to me like my hairs get trapped in the epilator and are not removed when the batteries or the electricity is too low and that the rotators are not working at full speed.
Switching to a higher setting or changing the batteries solves the problem all the time.
Of course it also depends on the epilator model. The good old “Epilady” seemed to not trap all hair and to get some of it twisted but not grasped enough around the epilator head, while the new epilators rotators seem to not cause that problem unless they are not working at full speed or enough speed for that kind of hair.
By the way, I concur with the hair lenght factor. Hairs that are more than 3/4" long seem to get trapped very often and to hurt like crazy when the rotator “grasps” them.

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I have a Phillips 6440 (I think), and it works quite well when the hairs are short. But so far I’m not really sure if they are being plucked or ripped and snapped.

But it takes forever, and the noise is infuriating. Give me wax anyday!