Hairy men doing more "manscaping"
Monday, July 26, 2004
The trouble with hairy: More men opting to clean up their ‘manscape’

Obliterating body hair, once limited to models, body-builders, cyclists, swimmers and other active sportsmen, has become trendy. It’s called “manscaping,” explains Travis Powell, the self-proclaimed “Waxing Diva” of Salon Dewi on Pine Street.

Rene Monero, director of esthetics for Gene Juarez salons, says, “We’ve seen a huge transition in men. And we know from their requests how they’re getting the ideas.” An episode featuring ear hair on “Queer Eye” had men calling for appointments to have their ear hair removed.

Debbie Caddell, owner of Caddell’s Laser and Electrolysis Clinic, is an electrologist who began using lasers about four years ago.

She says it takes a long time to remove male body hair by electrolysis – a procedure that treats just one hair at a time. A laser can clear a hair-covered back in about 90 minutes. But it’s not always a permanent solution. She says laser treatments can clear chest hair more easily than back hair. And although male clients are increasing, they’re only about 10 percent of her business.

WAXING is priced by area. Brows are about $20. Back waxing starts at $40. Prices vary on quantity of hair and time. Some salons also offer a “Brazilian” (removal of genital hair) starting at $50. Others will do legs only to the shorts line.

THREADING is best for smaller areas such as the eyebrows. Some threaders do lower legs and shoulders. Prices start at around $20. No prep is required. You’ll experience a bit of redness for about 15 minutes after treatement.

LASER hair removal has been in use since about 1997, says Paul di Furia, owner of Lux Clinic in Seattle. While it’s sometimes touted as “permanent hair removal,” he says “permanent reduction” is more accurate. Lux offers a package of five treatments to back, neck and shoulders for $1,995. Treatments are spaced about six weeks apart and take about an hour each. The Cadell Laser and Electrolysis Clinic in Bellevue charges $500 per appointment for back hair removal, with follow-up appointments every four to six weeks. After 11 appointments ($5,500) the price goes down to $100 per session.

You may want to ask for a free consultation and a test to see how your skin responds to a treatment.