Hairy Legs

I’m a 19 year old white male with dark hairs. I’ve had hairy legs ever since i was in middle school. They’re very bad. I havent worn shorts in about 6 years because i am embarassed. I was wondering if there is any thing i can use to remove most of the hairs. I dont care if there is a little hair left but i would like to remove at least 80% of it. I dont want to go to a doctor because I’m embarrased to go. I’d like to do it myself if it is possible. Can anyone suggest anything?

Read around this part of the forum. This whole area is designated to teach you how to get a partner, learn to do this by reading the right books, and getting a good hair removal unity for not a lot of money, and trading work on each other. IF YOU INSIST ON NOT SEEKING PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT, then that would be the next best way to do it. Working on your self is not the best thing in many ways, as you simply can’t get the same results as another person working on you could do, even if you both are just as unskilled.

Dear BMore,

Maybe you can try clipping and then bleaching the hairs on your legs to lessen the impact of so much dark hair. I’m not sure if you have dark hairy arms, etc., also, so that may not be an option since your upper body hair wouldn’t match your lower body hair. That’s another thing you can do at home besides do-it-yourself electrolysis.

I feel for you very much, but I also remember back to the time when I was growing up when body hair was a very attractive, acceptable and desirable charactaristic for men to show off. I’m thinking too, that many women today still think men who are hairy are very attractive.


Well times have def. changed. I dont know any girls that find hairy guys attractive. How much would it cost to get professional electrolysis done?

When people ask these “how much does it cost” questions it is like trying to predict the weather for a particular day a year ahead of time. What I would do if I were you is go to a couple electrologists and see how much hair they can remove from a certain area in one hour with the modality they use. Microflash thermolysis will get more hair removed in one hour, blend would be less hair. Both will give you permanency, though. Take a crude measurement for the area worked on and guestimate around your legs how many hours for clearance or thinning.

After the hair is thinned or cleared for the first time, you are still not finished because hair growth cycles are not synchronized and regrowth from hairs that may not have been affected the first time, may pop up again in a few months. The new hairs and the regrowth will need to be treated. Any area that has been treated, will need to be maintained over the time, until there is nothing to treat anymore.

Again, a combination of laser and electrolysis sounds practical for your lower and upper legs. Laser first, electrolysis to refine or pinpoint hairs not affected by laser, next. Doing electrolysis only is fine,too. That’s how I did it and I haven’t shaved for 30 years.

I personally don’t like lots of hair on men, but I have some women friends that love it! If I were a man and I had too much hair, I wouldn’t hesitate for an instant to change my situation. I wish you perserverance. Stay true to your goals and research this well so you make good decisons with your time and money. Get it off as fast as possible using methods and skilled professionals that share your vision.