Hairy chic needs advice....please!

Hi there,

I recently received a job offer to work for a laser center where I will receive hair removal treatments for free.

As a chick, I have been SUFFERING from horrendous hair growth on my face, stomach- yes, the ‘gluteus maximus’ area as well. NOT FUN.
(and no, it’s not hormonal-- no idea what causes it.)

Is laser really worth it? I want to take the job just for the benefit of the hair removal-- but I’m reading that laser really isn’t considered permanent. I’d still do it if the laser made it so I’d only need say two treatments per year…but is that too optimistic?? I’m very fair-skinned, and I’d say my body hair is brown…not black, but brown. Don’t even know if I’d be that great of a great candidate…

Thoughts anyone?

If you need a job and the laser treatments are free I can’t see how you could lose. If it doesn’t work you are out only time and if it does work you achieved it with no cash outlay.
Since you say you have brown hair and fair skin there is a decent chance it will work for you.
I say take the job as you only have the hair to lose, ha ok bad joke but seriously if you need to work and the job seems enjoyable then take the oportunity to have a few rounds of laser free.

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Hi Juliebean,
First I just have to say that it is so nice to know that I’m not alone. I have the same issues that you mentioned above and would JUMP at the chance for free treatments. Even if it isn’t a permanent solution, I’m willing to pay just to not have to deal with facial hair removal EVERY day!! Please let us know what you decide to do, and if you did go for it, what kind of laser they use and what your experience was.

Thanks SJM and Balius,

You’re both right…what is there to really lose except time if doesn’t work?? I can’t say I have a ‘dream career’ that I’d be giving up right now anyway. I’m actually going for a second ‘interview’ today to meet some more people.
I’ll have to make a decision shortly…I will keep you all posted as to what happens!