Hairy Bottom anyone else??


Hey everyone! This forum is so awesome its my first post… Im 23 Male from australia. Anyway im pretty lucky I dont have any hair on my back and only a few hairs on my chest and stomach but for some FREAKISH reason I think the hair I was meant to get on my chest went to my bum cheeks!! hahaha I dont know any other guys with this… So anyway Im thinking of getting Laser done to it. Has anyone else had this done on their bottoms? Would the surface area be too large? Im looking at a place called I think the rules are different in Australia I dont think these guys are doctors or (physicins) what you US guys call them… Anyway these are the lasers they have:

  1. Lightsheer Diode Laser (Coherent)
  2. Alexandrite Gentlelase (Candela)
  3. SCP1000 (Palomar)

Which is the best laser for hair removal from the buttocks? It would be really good if anyone has tried this before if they could tell me their expereince with it! Ive only read about backs and chests… :frowning:

Thanks so much for this forum its awesome!



Yes, I have Laser done in that area with Australian Laser Clinics.

I suggest you discuss this in matural section.


Oh sorry Ants! Yea I wasnt sure if bottom was classed as genitals or not… LOL Once I get the forum password for that area Ill post my question again…

Do you think you might be able to PM me your experience with the company?

Thats awesome ive found someone who was/in the same boat as me.

Thanks dude :smile:



Just so you know, as of a few months ago, the Australian Laser (sic) Clinic has replaced all its machines with new IPL machines in New South Wales, and is in the process of doing the same elsewhere.

Of course, they didn’t think to tell customers this … I turned up a month ago expecting my Lightsheer treatment (my 3rd) and saw a new machine in it’s place. I was not happy.

I’m booked in for my 4th treatment next month, and am debating whether to go ahead or go elsewhere. The IPL treatment seemed to go okay, but it’s really too early to tell long term effectiveness, and IPL has a very mixed reputation.

Oh, and the people who do the treatments at the ALC are Registered Nurses, not doctors. They usually lease rooms from medical/doctor’s clinics.

Hope that helps.



Go to the mature area, I’ve posted my experience with full buttocks and laser and now electrolysis.


awesome thanks for your reply guys! I sent the email yesterday saying im over 18 but I still havent gotten the forum password yet… Do I have to do anything else to get it?

Also Need_Help did Australian laser clinic sell the old machines? Or do they let you choose which one you want? Also do you know if there is any other company in Australia which offers laser hair removal?

Thanks again!



I don’t think they let you choose, unless you go to their main office.



I asked yesterday whether I could be still treated with Lightsheer, if I was willing to go to another clinic location (their head office is in North Sydney, which is easy enough for me to get to), and was told that they do not have a single Lightsheer machine left in NSW, and that they ONLY have Multilux(?) IPL.

What State are you in?

I came accross a few other places in Sydney, when I was doing initial research, and can give you contact details, if they’d help. Otherwise, try to find those free magazines that they hand out on city street corners on like a Monday or Wednesday morning, since they usually have DOZENS of ads for LHR.

I went with ALC because they: (a) are the biggest, and had performed the largest number of treatments on patients (ie, they had experience); (b) the offered Lightsheer, which is a reputale laser; and © they had the most and most convenient clinic locations (ie, they were convenient).

While (a) and © are still true, I’m not sure about (b). I’ve heard great things about IPL, and I’ve heard terrible things. With LHR it’s very hard to trust what people tell you, because there are so many conditionals, and because most people who give you advice are also trying to sell you something (and something very expensive!). I had the treatment with IPL just shy of 6 weeks ago (I had 2 Lightsheer treatments before that), so I can’t really say from personal experience what the long term success of the IPL treatment (or the Lightsheer treatments for that matter) are. I wish I could say a definite ‘yay’ or ‘nay’, but I can’t.

At the end of the day, it’s a good idea to shop around, as there are PLENTY of places in Australia, esp Sydney and Melbourne, that offer LHR and even more that offer IPL. So it’s a matter of finding a place that offers you the best deal, in terms of experience, technology, cost and convenience.

If you find a great place, please post about it here, I’d love to hear about it!!

Good luck



im in brisbane need_help… I dont think there are any Oz laser clinics up here yet. I think they are coming soon I saw an ad in a brissy newspaper opening soon… Ill give them a call and find out about what lasers they have ect and let you know what they say… Maybe they are replacing them all with IPL ones??



I agree with Need_Help.
There are some other smaller Laser hair removal clinics around (at least in Sydney). They are not that easy to find. If you decide to check out others, try look for ads from local newspapers, women’s magazines, and gay magazines.
My experience with Australia Laser Clinic is good, just the hair removal is not painfree.