Hairy and now put on to Birth Control.

I’m 20 years old, female. I started to notice a lot of hair growth ever since I turned 17. I did have hair before that age but ever since I turned 17 the hairs became thicker and much more prominent. Currently, I am having electrolysis on my face. I scheduled an appointment with my endocrinologist and had my blood work done. The Endo told me that the normal range of testosterone in the body is 39 to 40. Mine came out to be 62. also told me that I have PCOS. She also said that I don’t need to necessarily have cysts in my ovaries to say that I have PCOS. She said my testosterone level is high and that it is being produced from the ovaries. She gave me the option of spironolactone and Birth Control Pills. I told her that I would go with whatever she recommends because she is the Doctor, not me. She said that I should go on to Birth Control. She said that Birth control pills will lower my testosterone and help in the hair problem. It will stop future growth of new follicles. Does any one have insight on this situation of mine? Does any one feel that spiro would have been more effective in terms of with the hair issue. She told me that Birth Control Pills would be more effective. Does any one disagree?

Medications affect individuals differently, so it’s hard to say exactly what effect it will have you on.

What does hold true for any of the Rx options is that they won’t prevent new growth from occurring. Any benefit obtained from them will take months to materialize and will cease if you discontinue the medication at any point.

Yes, your doctor is correct: birth control pills inhibit the production of androgens, including testosterone.

If the hair is the only thing that is bothering you, I would get going on permanent removal (electrolysis/laser). Even with the medications, you’d still need that if you want the hair gone. Plus, the risk of side effects is minimal compared to meds.

(PS: I think this thread is more appropriate for the hormonal/PCOS area)