Hairtell restructuration needed


I think that Hairtell site has very good intention. This intention is primarily to help the users to find solution for their problems with unwanted hair.

Unfortunately, it is not well structured and lack of efficiency, noted also from Michael and Seana.
If I want to find something specific I will need to take "vacation’ and even if I found what I am looking for, the answer maybe not correct, not fully explained or buried in a long post. Also, there are a lot of posts which have nothing to do with the electrolysis and only make the mess bigger.

In my opinion we have to make one section which we can named "Electrolysis book’ or "The electrolysis Bible’. It has to be written as a book which will contain all the aspects of the electrology and concentrates all the knowledge in one place. In this case each user can read this book first and try to find the answer of his/her question. 99% they will find the answer of their questions. The users can make a post only if their problems are very specific and are not covered in the book.

The book should have many sections. Each section will have subsections and so on. Could be organize as drop-down menus and the user can chose the article which can answer the question she/he has.
Each article should meet some requirements to be published in the book:

  1. The purpose of the article.
  2. The most important conclusion/s, truth or false etc. (Simple, clear sentences)
  3. Brief explanation of the subject of the article
  4. References including books, articles or other verified sources (for users which need more detail explanation)
  5. Pictures and other visual aids.

Each article should be approved for publishing from Hairtell authorized electrologists.

If somebody wants to publish something it should meet the requirements and should be approved from "The board of directors’, then edit and publish by authorised person/s.
The goal is to be published only true and verified information.

I am writing exclusively for Hairtell owners and electrolysis professionals which can make this happened.
I know that to make this "book’ will take time and effort but it is worth it. It will help users and electrologist with and without experience.

Anyway, this is only one suggestion to improve the site and the communication between electrologists and the users seeking answers of their questions.
In this format I do not see the point to waste my time.



I dont think hairtell is not filling it’s need. The basis premise,has been since day 1, to answer consumers questions and concerns. It does that. It’s just that it does as others have noted become repetitive.

Some years ago I was part of a team of Network Engineers. We had a problem. Often we would go out to attempt to diagnose an issue we had never seen before, however maybe one of our coworkers had seen. Thus would start the series of cell phone calls ( airtime was costly then, as was 2 technicians time) only to find the tech didnt remember, or had no idea what we were talking about.

As part of our job, we had a ticketing system. We would put our case notes in every ticket specifying what we had done to esolve this issue . Often by identifying the case, we found we could identify the issue and resolve it.IF we could find the case. But we had hundreds of customers, and performed hundreds of service calls every week.

So we redesigned the ticketing system. On every ticket, there was a checkbox ADD TO KNOWLEDGE BASE. For each topic ( say hardware/network card/no communication/ the ticketing system would categorize the subject and add it into the appropriate place in the knowledge base. Eventually, we could identify that the 3c905 network cards with X driver didnt function after year 2000 with a novell client in seconds.

It was very surprising, the speed at which a very thorough and categorized knowledge base of great value was built.

I think to do something similar here, at hairtell, is out of the scope of knowledge of Andrea and Capernica, but it is something to aspire to? But while I agree thatsuch a knowledge base /web page could be benefifial theres one key element lacking, someone to build it and administer it.


“I think to do something similar here, at hairtell, is out of the scope of knowledge of Andrea and Capernica, but it is something to aspire to? But while I agree thatsuch a knowledge base /web page could be benefifial theres one key element lacking, someone to build it and administer it.”

That is the problem. We all are volunteers and do not work for HairTell but maybe we can find simple solution to create this knowledge base.



Maybe you can make the “knowledge base” in your site and create link with Hairtell. You can receive PMs from HT or by e-mails,you can edit or send to other electrologist for opinion and then publish on the appropriate place.

Just an idea. What do you think?



well that’s sort of what I was getting at. If there were a way to all the electrologists here to mark a thread to be added we would find it would build very quickly, and be self-administering. It’s how to set that up.


I do not think that the copy-paste approach is appropriate.
We can use the threads for information but the answers in the knowledge base should meet the requirements stated above.This can be made only by writing from scratch and this will take a lot of time.That is why we need all electrologist to precipitate.


and there 's the rub. because, we wont get enough participation.Many have left hairtell outright, because of issues here,and getting enough manpower to create such a beast would prove nigh impossible.


I wish something like this were available. As a new practitioner, I want to have cheat sheets for myself on clearance times for each body area, in terms of estimated hours and months. And some other things that I’d like to have for web site or handouts. I’m just not having the time to make them up myself!


Good point Julie. A software route would be smartest way to build your own data on clearance times and establishing TTTs.
Seana do you know of any programs that would make it easy for electrologists to keep track of treatment times?
I think excel requires much skill to make it work for this application.


I believe the total treatment time can be calculated through my scheduling service, it has some statistics so I can look at a similar case , but most of the timeI find it easier to consult the billing or charts directly.The Xcell pro I use also has the ability to break down the treatment time per area, but I dont really use that part of the programming because it’s too bothersome to keep track of and set up individual client files, however Dee tells me it works fine.


Seana, it not only works fine, but it is so easy to set up a client file. Takes less than one minute. It would have been cheaper to buy the XCell Pure if you are not going to take advantage of the management system offered by the more expensive XCell Pro. I can help you do that if you desire, but it really is so simple, you don’t need anyone. I do not find it bothersome or time consuming to track data/statistics, but it may not be your cup of tea.

The management system is one of the reasons I purchased an Xcell Pro and my clients absolutely love it. There is no epilator out there that equals what Dectro offers as far as a management system goes. One pays more because there are two computers inside the Xcell - I assume one is for operating the system and the other is for the stats and client files.


This is a consumer site, not a site to educate electrologists. If there were to be a section here like that, it would take someone really dedicated (maybe retired) to format an electrolysis bible. It is an excellent idea and all good things start with a really good idea. Thank you for your specific suggestions.

Any electrologist that follows Electrology International or HairShoot on a daily or weekly basis will have everything they need, in real time, regarding getting their questions answered or sharing tips and knowledge with other electrologists. I think those sites are wonderfully helpful for professional electrologists, including electrologists that perform light-based treatments, as well. We do not have up-to-date text books, so these closed FaceBook sites are the next best thing to discussing challenging cases, equipment, ergonomics, anesthetics, sterilization and disinfection, business decisions, marketing and griping about no shows and tardy clients. We all gain much from the large numbers of electrologists that participate on these sites.

Hairtell is huge. It’s been up and going strong since 2002. It is not perfect, but using the search function can be helpful if you are a consumer. Of course, asking questions that have been answered many times before is always a repetitive process that gets to some of us, so it is good for the newbie to check out the sister site, and do some research on their own. The British FAQ site ( The British Institue and Association of Electrolysis) is located in my signature, which I think is really good to peruse and learn about if you are a consumer.