Hairs triggered by underpowered treatments

So undertreating a patient can cause fine hairs to become terminal hairs. I think this happened to me, on my arms.

My question is, do I treat this new growth or can it not be treated again with laser, at the right energy level? (Since I switched clinics)

Can you describe your experience and why you think this is happening? thanks.

I’ve had 3 treatments on my arms which I didnt even feel. Reults were patchy and bad. I didnt feel anything either.

I switched clinics, and had 2 more treatments for my arms, and 4 for my legs.

I have good, but not perfect results on my legs. My lower legs are almost clear but not my upper thigh (which Ill treat again later) but it is still pretty good.

My arms are back to the way they were, and my shoulders are WORSE. Much worse. There is a clear border where I was treated, with no hair on my back, but some hair on my shoulders.

I read on this forum that underpowered treatments can trigger hair growth.I think this is what happened in my arms’ case.

So now that I’m at a new clinic, I wonder if I shoul treat my arms more to fix things, or should I just stay away from that area?