I thought I might make this a separate “study.” As previously noted, this guy has an irregular hairline and it’s a bit of a challenge. Here’s what I’ve got so far: again, being conservative (you can always take more hair off … but, it’s not easy to put it back). He wants a “perfect line,” but as you can see, that’s pretty much impossible.

A hairline (on a guy anyway) should mostly be a “suggestion” of a tidy area … not necessarily a sharp line (that would look artificial). Lots of times, you have to protect the client from making the wrong decision. I hope this is helpful.

Very impressive! I was wondering how you were going to ‘fix’ that. Looks like it was better to not remove much of the hair. I’m sure a barber can fix the rest up with some styling.

I’ve had two clearences on the hairline as well and requested straight lines(not expecting super sharp look of cource). Haircuts look like they last much longer in the back now IMO. It has made me very happy.

Good Job Michael! :slight_smile:

Today I made the second clearance on hairline of a young man of 19 years. Here are the results:

Before (April 2013)

After one clearing. (November 6/2013)

Electrologists can change life !

Very nice!

Danka! … all of you nice peoplesss out there in “hairland!”

Here’s another look at the “problem” hairline. (Just some thoughts for my fellow “zaperoids.”)

I had the guy go about his normal activities for the day to see how his hair “lays” naturally. See, you can comb the hair to make it look good, but it doesn’t stay that way. I thought it would be best to see where the hair “wants” to go and leave it alone.

The client wanted to remove all the neck hair to make a straight line. (If you draw a line from the bottom of the ears straight across, that’s what he was considering.) You can see the thick triangle of head hair in the middle, that is off-center, and that would probably end up looking pretty bad were I to implement the client’s wishes.

Looking at these photos was helpful for him too, and he’s “sort of” decided to stay with what I’ve done. (He did NOT like what I’d done at first.) Still, I might raise and shape the neckline only a tad.

I’m going to leave this alone for a week so the swelling goes down and the skin normalizes (and he can live with it) … and then re-evaluate and do some final adjustments. We also have to consider that he has a long neck, and raising the hairline would accentuate this feature.

I always use a LOT of caution with hairlines and eyebrows, etc. (I get scared!): these can be awful if you screw it up. It’s that darn “permanent thing!”

Gee, Thanks alot Michael. After I’m done the face the next item on the agenda, is the eyebrows. I was already nervous enough about that area. Now I think I’ll go back to plucking it daily as I probably wont get that far for a year.If it makes someone with 40 years experience nervous, what hope does an amateur have. I suppose I could just clear it and have some tattoo’d on like those cheesy girls do…


Hi Seana … eyebrows always scare the “you know what” out of me! Most of the time (well, always) I won’t do them and send them to another MUCH more artistic zapper (Karen Stathis) who works near me.

Oh a funny thing that probably was the “deal maker” on this neckline.

I asked my nephew, Eric (lives with me) what he thought about raising the neckline to where the client wanted it.

Eric told the client, “If you do that, you’ll look like a giraffe!”

Kids! They say the “darndest things!”

The result is pretty nice and natural.

You are probably best rounding off the corners, and leaving that hairline alone Michael. Let it grow out to look more natural and let the barber do the rest.Sometimes a peer opinion ( like the nephew’s) is the most convincing. And smartest.There is no “undo” with electrolysis.

For my part I may have a pro do my brows. When I can afford it in 2050…


Sorry … I HAVE to “answer that one!”

Of course, I have done many eyebrow cases (hundreds) and none of them exceeded $350. That seems like a lot of money? Underarms? My “limit” is $600 … nobody pays more, EVER!

Sigh. Michael I wish that were the case for me.I live on about $500 a month for me and 3 kids.That includes food, hydro, internet, cellular shampoo, toilet paper, well you get the idea.Next month I’ll be done paying off Nightfrost for the machine( $100 still) , then it’s x-mas. 2050 was supposed to be representtive of the year I’d be able to, not the price!

In the next year or so my Mom’s estate will pay out and things will loosen up a little. Until then, it’s DIY.