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hello gang,

I have spoken before about my eldest daughter, and it seems now she is keen to get her hairline raised, that is, the have more forehead showing… The picture below is perhaps a bit of a funny angle, but the downy ‘under hair’ has not thinned out, and it has only grown so long (between 1/2 inch and say 3 inches), unlike the other longer ‘normal’ hairs… We call this stuff her baby hair…

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The centre parting, and just the angle of the follicles makes it worse… she also pulls and fidgets with the 2 or 3 inch bits, and these curl up and look like little horns… LOL

I think she needs to have say a half an inch removed, and the sides above the temples also taken back a bit… she is a pretty girl (nnd not just because I am biased!) but raising and defining the hairline would open up her face so much more, and I know she would be happier, and she is getting to that stage where appearances are more important… (11 years old in September!)

So, my questions are:

What method? I basically think Electrolysis is going to deal with this problem once and for all…

What sort of hairs grow here…? What are their lifespans, and how many will be dormant, and thus need future treatment…?

I am sure we could get a clearance in one or two sessions, but is this a sensitive area to have work done…?

Are there any standards or recommended shapes, or is it a matter of finding an example of someone who looks good and using that as a guide…?

Many thanks in advance…


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ohhhhh ya ohhhhhhh ya I can answer this question because I have zapped the point on my forehead,

you knew the point dudes have when they have a receeding hairline? well i zapped mine up about 1-2 inches and I’m very pleased with it.

this area is not in the least bit sensitive, in fact it was like there were barely and nerves there! was almost like it was numb!

That’s one really cute girl!!! congrats!!!
Do you think she really needs those hairs removed? looking at that pic, they kind of look cute to me…?

Yes, she has thought about it for a while, and she can tell the difference, and she can see it in others, a cleaner and higher hairline. I am NOT doing for the sake of doing it, she has asked me, and I have helped her understand the options and such. I was thinking to shape it first with a trim and perhaps waxing the trimmed area… to make sure before committing to Electrolysis… I am here on HairTell to find out my best options… I have a couple of different people I am going to see locally, a hairdresser and a Spa-type place where I get my waxing done and they also do a lot of skin care stuff etc… get a couple of different opinions about it, but I also wanted to get some experiences from members here as well…

I will be doing a virtual trial with PhotoShop, so she can see herself with the higher hairline… to make sure she and I are talking about the same thing…



Although you could certainly afford to do all this work in Blend for maximum safety and results, you would not do bad to have a GOOD thermolysis operator do this work either.

Heck, this is so little a job that straight galvanic is an option here.

I would do the consultations with a few people, and let her do consults with the finalists, and whomever she is most comfortable with, that is who you finish the job with.

It really should not take long to see results, and she should only be doing periodic touch ups for a while before she is finished. Of course, she may have some growth years from now as she ages, but no one ever needs to know that she ever grew these hairs, because they can be cleared out before they are ever noticeable.

and I have to add my vote SHE IS ADORABLE! :grin:

Just an update, we have revised the hairline for the moment with waxing… not too bad an experience considering the first time waxing and so many hairs to rip out… she handled it well… now that she can live with it for a while she can then decide if she wants it to be permanent if any of the hairs come back…

For now, she is very happy to have the a clean and tidy look… why have baby hair if you are no longer a baby…

I am glad she has had it done, most of her concerns about her ‘horns’ are now resolved…

{Place holder for the pictures coming later today…}


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