Hairline correction

I was born with an extremely irregular hairline. A friend suggested shaving it to be more even. That worked partially, but it caused the hair I shaved to grow in in the opposite direction of the rest of my hair, so now there is no turning back. I have to shave the effected area often and even when I do it leaves visible stubble that I have to cover up by brushing other hair over it, basically it looks like five o’clock shadow at the top of my forehead. This is not easy for me to cover upbecause my hair tends to grow away from the area (almost straight up), so I end up having to plaster it flat to cover up the area.

I am considering having permanent hair removal to correct this problem. I am light skinned with dark and somewhat curly hair, sort of similar to what Tom Hanks’ hair looks like. The area is not a large one. I basically want to remove an area along my hairline to finally make it look even.

Could someone provide suggestions as to what I should do? What methods would be most effective? I tend to keep it shaved constantly, would I have to let it grow in for permanent methods to be effective? Are permanent methods overkill? Should I just try waxing? Approximately how much would permanent removal methods cost? How painful would they be? Would I run the risk of permanent skin damage or to hair next to the area that I want to keep?

I would just like a permanent non damaging way of not being constantly self conscious about it.

Thank you.

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The hair you want removed is very specific, and in a small area. You are best suited for Electrolysis treatments. You will get a natural looking hair line in just an hour or three of treatments, based on what you have said. After the first clearance, you will only have to see your electrologist on a regular schedule so that she can remove the other hairs as they come in.

You will have to let the hairs grow for a day or two so that your practitioner may be able to grasp the hairs, but at the end of that day, if your practitioner is fast enough, you will have the entire area cleared out.

Please do your best to find the best practitoner in your area. Get recommendations from people who have had electrolysis and are finished, and happy with their results if you can. If not, let us know what area of the world you are in, the more specific the better, and perhaps someone here can lead you to someone who is good enough to trust this job to.

When done properly, your hairline will look as if it naturally grew with a higher hair line from the day you were born, and it won’t look artificially lined.

Thank you for your quick reply.

From what you said it sounds like this would be a recurring form of treatment and not permanent. Am I correct interpreting what you said? Is there something that would be permanent? I was really hoping to do this once and be done with it, perhaps in multiple appointments, but something with a beginning and an end as opposed to routine maintenance.

Are there any possible side effects?

Could you give me a rough idea of how much such a procedure would cost? I am not looking for a guarantee or anything, but just some idea of what would to expect if and when I go looking.

Thanks again.

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