Hairline, back of neck

I searched but haven’t found any info on electrolysis on the back of the neck to “neaten-up” the hairline. I’ve had lots of very successful ectrolysis on various areas, but now I’d like to get the hairline on the back of my neck shaped so that it looks nicer when I wear a ponytail. I’d like to keep the natural “W” shape, but get rid of some of the scattered shorter hairs going down onto the sides of my neck.

Does anyone have any experience with this and how happy you were with the results?


Many people have had successful hair removal in this area. Rita Hayworth completely changed her hairline from that of a Latina to a European for her Hollywood career. Wil Smith has had the full hairline set in the way that he desires. Orlando Bloom has had work done as well, but I am not sure that he did any on the hairline.

Margarita Carmen Cansino,

better known as, Rita Hayworth had her entire hairline revised by

the first President of The Electrolysis Association of California, Ethel Rifkin. (since the confidentiality agreement has expired, we can tell you this :grin: )

This is the result of the change in the hairline of a woman’s with Electrolysis. The image shows the appearance a few years after finishing treatment. I have no photo of “before”, but I have surrounded with black hair line primitive.

NOTE: The red zone is a birthmark.

The red zone is where I would want hair removed - does it hurt more than the face?

It is less unpleasant than the upper or lower lip.

Peace, One question, have you noticed that after about 10 minutes the pain is more bearable than at the beginning of the session?

If you are concerned about sensation, I suggest seeking out a user of an Apilus platinum. It is so gentle, and kind on the skin.

No, it depends. On my upper lip it is okay on the right side, but the left side hurts way more, and then the centre hurts even more expecially when she switched to diarthermy. Not had the back of neck done.

Peace, you are not the only one that shows more sensitivity on the left side. Most of my clients say “feel” more trouble on that side. I have understood that it is something related to the right side of our brain.

The center of the upper lip is one of the most sensitive areas. This is because the area contains many nerve endings. At the same time, it is an area containing high density of follicles. This, which may at first seem inconvenient, it becomes an advantage to reduce the pain of electrolysis. How? because it produces little inflammation that interrupts the circuit of nerve cells. The key is:

  • Do not start work, NEVER, at the center of the lip. We have to start from the sides (where it hurts less).

  • We must try follicles close together, because inflammation of the first stops the nerve impulse is transmitted to the surroundings.

  • Try a few on the left and back right side. This will allow time to get the analgesic effect we need.

  • The move to the center of the lip should be progressive. The customer must feel our fingers pressing and almost not know that we are working in the center.