Hi. I dont know if this is the right place to post this question, but i thought that maybe some of you “pluckers” or “shavers” would know. :smile:
Why does the hair on f.ex. your arm or leg grow to a certain length and then stop (while the hair on your head continou to grow)? What happens if i shave my arms? Will the hair grow longer when it comes back out, or will it reach the same length (as before shaving), and then stop? :confused:

Andrea, feel free to move this topic to where you think it belongs.

I’ve shaved my arms. The hair grows back the same, but it looks different in that the ends aren’t tapered off as they naturally are. You get blunt ends… so you can kind of tell you shaved your arms. I’m lucky in that I live in a small city, so laser hair removal isn’t that expensive. I just did my arms and I’m very happy.

But try a home waxing kit like “Parisa”. I found their products the best. So easy to use. They give you a blue oil which can clean the wax off so there is no mess. Based in Canada, so it may be cheaper for Americans!


I don’t know how much hair you’ve got on your arms, but have you tried just bleaching them?

It really does make the hair less noticable, and lovely and soft.

I do it about once a month if I can be bothered - for some reason my arm hair doesn’t bother me that much anymore.

A friend trims her arm hairs with a beard trimmer before bleaching - it does blunt the tapered ends, but looks nice bleached…

good luck!