I have read many of your posts and you seem to have a goor general knowledge about the Cool Glide laser. In your opinion, how far apart should I space my visits? I am getting my lower legs done and my practicioner has me coming every 4 weeks.

Anyone else, please feel free to chime in!

If you can afford that, it’s cool. Most places have you come in every 4 to 8 weeks.

Taralee: I am sorry I have not been on the boards for awhile - got side-tracked by a pirate! Anyway, for the most effective treatment you should be going back in 6 to 8-week intervals. Too soon (and 4 weeks is too soon) and you are not really getting the new anagen growth, which is the hair in the active growth cycle. This will affect your results and mean you will have to add treatments at the end of your series, since you are not really getting full treatment each time you go to your appointment. Which practitioner are you going to? We are a training center for Altus, and the 6-8 week treatment parameter is part of the training manual. Anyway, see if you can stretch out the spacing of your appointments.

Thanks HairFetish!!

I am going to Skin Solutions in Atlanta Ga. They kept insisting that 4 weeks was the correct interval. I expressed my concerns when I went back for treatment #2 at 4 weeks and she said anywhere from 4-6 weeks is the standard. The owner Jennifer did the first treatment and told me to go 4 weeks, and I heard her tell another customer the same thing. As far as I am concerned your explanation totally makes sense and confirms every bit of research that I have done on my own.

I am definitely waiting 7 or 8 weeks for my 3rd treatment. I have paid for 3 treatments ($675) and I would prefer not to have to keep doing this - it hurts! I think I am responding very well to it, noticed a great difference after 2 treatments and 9 weeks since first one. I just hope that a year from now the hair will still be gone. I am banking on that “permanent” part of “permanent reduction” line that the Cool Glide people like to use. Hope it is true!

Thanks again!