Question for Andrea or anyone with info, could you please tell me like a couple of weeks ago i tweezed out most of my eyebrows i got a little carried away, will they come back the same or darker or coarser? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />


they will grow bak because hair cannot be removed with only 1 treatment. however it will take a while…this is with my experience but ask andrea in case. And another thing…DON’T get carried away…it can easily be done, just be careful!!

Thank you mraj, Will they come back the same as before?

hi jenny,

they shuld do with the same thickness but it may take a while as this is the first time so it always takes slightly longer when you do something for the 1st time.

I want my may back as thick as they were and eveyday I look in the miiror to see if they are coming back. There are fine hairs but I want thick hair. I hope it comes back. I used Finally Free Ultra under a halegon light so i hope that the follicles haven’t been damaged.

Is there anyone who can give me information as to what is hapening to my hair please?


Thanks again mraj.