Hair Waxing Nightmare PLEASE HELP!

Holy Lord, I don’t know whether to laugh cry or scream, and within the last tweleve hours I have done all three. I am quite certian when this is over with, I will laugh…once the wax is removed. I have waxed before but never with this product. GIGI HONEE waxing kit. This is ridiculous, LOL! I am open to suggestions from ANYONE who may have tried this before.
Let me start from the begining.

Knowing that waxing can be a messy procedure, I did this in my tub, that way any “drips” would be contained. I made sure to read and follow the directions, even though I’ve waxed before…the application and removal was the same as I have done before w/other systems. NEVER with this results. I put a few strips on the front of each leg to try. Managed a few drips in the tub along the way. Upon removal (which did not remove very much hair at all, but which did remove quite a bit of skin, in two different areas, down to the blood) There is a bottle provided in this kit, you know…the wax removal lotion…it reads, that it removes all traces of wax residue, for a smooth velvety finish. I used the ENTIRE BOTTLE. Three hours, later, after using the entire bottle of the wax removal lotion, all avaible waxing strips (also did not work) half a bottle of baby oil, and three showers, I was still sticking to everything. It was something out of a three stooges movie I kid you not. I was sticking to the shower curtian, my feet were sticking to the tub (where I dripped the wax) not a little sticky…STICKING TO. I have a dog. The dog came close to my legs…I am now covered in dog fur. My husband thought it was funny, it took some our childrens smaller toys, and threw them at my legs…they stuck there. When we pulled them off, my skin came with it. I was sticking to everything and looked like a walking lint ball, so I wrapped my legs in saran wrap until I could think of something better. The saran wrap “melted” into my legs. I peeled off what I could, the rest, made a “mesh” with the remaining wax on my legs, so I put on a pair of sweats. Couldnt’ get it off my hands, I woke myself up when I pulled out my own hair. I got the number for the company from the beauty supply place that I purchased it from. The gentleman I spoke with only worked in the warehouse and the rest of the company was closed until Monday. (I have had bleach in the tub since last night…the stuff won’t budge) The gentlemen did sympathize though and said the same stuff that is in the product is what you would find in tree sap. Hmm. THought it was familiar. He said turpentine would take it off the tub, but as for me, I would need to make an appointment with a salaon and see if they could remove it, or I could try putting paint thinner on my skin where the skin had not been removed. I NEED HELP!! How do I get this OFF of me. I had to work today and my blue jeans are sticking to me…my legs are blue with the lint, has ANYONE had this problem before?? PLEASE HELP YIKES@

I’ve never used this stuff, so I don’t know how helpful I can be, but you have something along the lines of an ordinary dish soap already, I do hope? What information I can find on it claims this Honee kind is supposed to be water-soluable, and that it should wash up in soap and water. While I can understand it being ineffective and messy… that it wouldn’t clean up like normal is somewhat disturbing.

Thanks so much for your reply…*sigh, yes we did try plain soap and water…just water, you name it, if it was in the bathroom cubboard, we tried it. Nothing has worked. Now three days later, for the most part with the exception of a few minor sticky spots it is no longer on my legs…my bathtub is quite another story altogether.AHH!! LOL

This may sound crazy, but I have found that wearing sweats around after waxing is really helpful. The lint sticks to the sticky areas, and it makes it much easier to see and remove the wax.

An option if you don’t have sweats or if the wax is on other parts of your body is to use lint from a clothes dryer. Rub it on the area, then peel the lint off. The wax should come with it.

The tub is another matter.


  2. Run your hair dryer on the wax till it softens up.

  3. Use a piece of dull plastic (an expired credit card is good) to scrape off the softened wax.

  4. Use a mild scrub like Soft Scrub to get any remaining wax.

Again, don’t bring a hair dryer near the tub if there is any water present.

If you do it in the tub next time, you might lay an old towel or even a garbage bag down to catch the drips.

Don’t ask how I know all this stuff! :stuck_out_tongue:

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What works for me is Nivea Creamy Conditioning Oil. It is basically a lotion with a lot of baby oil, so you could make your own by adding baby oil to a thick lotion. The Nivea lotion can be found at WalMart. Put it on an old washcloth or towel and apply to area (of body or other location) and scrub or pick. It will remove it easily from anything. It is just like the expensive wax removing lotions. I hope this helps.

I used a nail polish remover containing formaldehyde, it seemed to work well in combination with baby oil to get the wax off my hands, floor, etc. It will no doubt sting if you get any on your skinless areas.

Good luck you poor thing!

The tree sap angle gave me an idea… I’ve always used butter to remove tree sap off my hands, like when cutting the Christmas tree, chopping wood, etc. Just rub it on, scrub it around and wash it all off. The tree sap always comes off very easily. Don’t know if it will help or not, but you might give it a try. Can’t hurt (I hope!)

Good luck!