Hair trimmers/clippers reccomendation?

Can anyone reccomend good hair clippers to trim my chest, arm, and legs hairs (to roughly 1cm)? Preferably one that can be used in the shower.


Surely someone can reccomend a hair trimmer! Please!!!

What body area do you want to clip the hair away? What might be best in one area might not work as well in some other area.

I would like to trim the hair on my chest, arms and legs. Which trimmer would you reccommend, I wouldn’t mind buying a different trimmer for each of the body parts if thats what is needed. So any reccomendations would be very useful.

Wahl makes great clippers, but I do not know about their wet/dry options.

Hi Reckless

As far as I know Braun do good clippers for hair. I also don’t know if you get wet/dry versions, but if you want to trim to 1 cm then I don’t think you would need a wet option. A professional hairdresser could probably advise you best, as they use these all the time and know which are the most durable. Possibly somebody on this forum is one and can respond?


Hi Reckless,

I use a Remington BHT2000 wet and dry trimmer. It’s a good trimmer with 5 length settings and also has a shaver attachment.

I use mine to keep leg hair short, but it can be used anywhere on the body except the face.

Don’t know where you are, but I bought mine in the U.K:

Thanks hairyguy, this looks good, I’ll try to pick one of these up. Hopefully this will mean the end of heavy sweating on my legs! Just one question, is it noisy at all? Say if I use it in the shower, will people outside the bathroom be able to hear it?

Hi reckless

I don’t know about noise, but you can use it when other people are not around. Even so, you should not be worried about them anyway. Just tell them you are going to shave your legs and do it, they will see anyhow.

Heavy sweating on your legs is a real problem for us guys and it bugged me for years as a teenager. Shaving finally stopped this in my thirties, but I could have slept a lot better if I started at 16. Hopefully more men will realise this fact in the future.


Hi Reckless,

The Remington trimmer makes a buzzing noise like most electric shavers. It’s not terribly loud, but I suppose others could hear it.


I just bought a BHT 2000 and I dont know how to remove the trimming blade and can someone advice me on that?


Just a few basic questions: when you mention clippers do you mean trimmers designed for shaving your head? Which clippers/trimmers would be good for trimming arm and leg hair? Are wet better than dry clippers? Does anyone know if these models are available in Europe? Thanks for any help you might have!