hair transplant removal


Hi. About 5 years ago I had about 350 micro grafts put in my front hairline. I have since decided to not go ahead with any more “procedures” and would like to get the old transplants removed as I want my balding hairline to look natural.

Does anyone here have experience doing this either as a patient or electrologist? Is electrolysis the preferred method of removing this kind of hair? How many sessions do you think it would take and over how long a time? Any other advice? Referrals in the southern New England/NYC area?

Each micro graft has between 1-3 hairs and you can pick them out of my original hair if you look closely enough in good light.

Thanks very much for any advice.


Hi newguy!

Getting this done is not uncommon. Keep in mind that removing the hairs won’t help with any raised or depressed spots from the grafts themselves.

It’s very hard to predict time to completion, especially without seeing the area. In some cases, they may recommend thinning rather than removing completely.

I’d check in with Fino Gior on Long Island. He’s done a lot of these.


Laser is often used for this application.