Hair Today Gone Tomorrow - any experiences with them?

They use the Epilight, which I believe is not a true laser. They are charging $1500 for face and neck. Is that reasonable?

If anyone has any other suggestions or recommendations in the Chicago area, I’d greatly appreciate them!


I went for a consutation i few weeks ago. They want $3200 to do both legs. What did you ever decide to do? If not this did you come up with a workable alternative?


Hi Sonya,

Is the $1500.00 for each treatment or for whole series of treatments? I am paying $855.00 for 6 whole face treatments at Sona. The individual treatments are $320.00 each. Once you have 5 treatments, no matter how you pay, you automatically get your 6th for free, but, they also have a thing where if you pay for all the treatments up front you get 5 treatments for the price of 4, so I will get treatment #5 & 6 for very, and in the month of July they have a special, get everything for 33% off. So, that all figures out to be about $855.00 for all the treatments. I start next Tuesday, I am excited and nervous all at one. One, and if the hair ever comes back there (hormonal changes and such) then they will treat it for 50% off. So that’s not bad.

I have not heard of that “laser” you are talking about… I would do my research to see if that’s a good option.

Good luck,