Hair tint for blonde hairs?

Is there such a thing as some kind of hair tint that’s safe to use with electrolysis? I’m having real difficulty getting at those fine, blonde hairs, even with altering light, angles etc.

There is- microscope.

most electrologists I know keep a directional light to shine across the skin. This with a dim ambiant light makes those blonde hairs light up like little fiber optic christmas trees.

Get custom-made dental / surgical loupes, 5.5 X magnification from a company like Orascoptic or a surgical microscope, Ziess is nice. I use a Dazor adjustable LED light on a swing arm so I can position it at angles to light up the finest blond hairs. You don’t need anything other than that. No hair tint stuff is necessary.

Dazor by far has been the most durable and reliable lighting system I have ever owned. LED is the way to go.