Hair stages and their appearance when coming out

How can one tell from the hair shaft appearance in what growth phase it is/was?

Why sometimes hairs have a transparent “film” around the root, when you tweeze them, while others seem to not have it? do they correspond to different growth stages?

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This happens to me. I wonder why, too. Too bad I probably gave away my microscope. I wanted to see it under the microscope.

Thanks for caring, Girlhair. As a matter of fact, I just found out the answer below, in the old threads of this same board. I think it said that those with the clear bulb are those hairs in the growing stage (anagen), when it’s better to remove them (more likely to never come back!), while the others might be in the telogen or catagen (sp?) stage, where they might or might not need more treatments to be gone for good.

Yes, that sheath (the epithelium) is most visible when a hair is actively growing (anagen phase). I always thought it was cool when the whole thing would come out like that. The sheath can be a sign of an effective treatment, but it’s not necessarily proof one way or the other.

As always, a good way to tell you are only treating actively growing hairs is to shave the area and get the hairs that are growing.