Hair *softener* that doesn't aim to remove hair?

Is there such a thing? I.e., a product targeted at merely degrading the hair a bit, so that it’s softer to the touch? Like a very much diluted Veet or Nair?

I can deal with bleaching and/or shaving dark vellus hairs on stomach - though they seem to be getting longer and darker with age. I dislike the feel of the blunt edges.


You can get electrolysis on your abdomen. This is not a hard area to do and you would never have to shave or think about blunt ends again.

the products you describe are playing on your perceptions. They only contain chemicals that dissolve some of the hair structure, and cause the hairs to lose their sharp points, and feel softer, as the structure has lost some of its rigidity. None of this is a permanent change in how the hairs grow.

Hi guys, thanks for replying!

I do plan to pursue electrolysis, but am looking for something to provide this aesthetic effect, on a temporary basis, in the short term :slight_smile: