Hair Removal Without True Electrolosis


I’m looking into Finally Gone by IGIA. I don’t care about permanency! I just want something that is better than shaving and is quicker than inhibitors. I’ve tried waxing (OUCH) but I get ingrown hairs on a major scale, dipilatories no matter how mild feel like I just poured acid on my legs and only get half the hairs. If anyone has tries this please tell me.


There’s no telling how effective these things are, since they have never been tested. Thy also produce pretty weak energy levels, which may or may no be enough to disrupt the hair cycle and make the hair fall out.

Even if the hair does fall out, it’s highly unlikely the energy emitted by one of these will cause anything more than a temporary hair removal.

They don’t really hurt, but they do take a long time to treat each area. It would take a couple of days at least to treat your legs with one of these.


Andrea thanks for understanding my fear of needles Will try and tell you how it goes.


Anyrea, if it’s any help, the probe used in electrolysis doesn’t actually puncture the skin. The insertion itself is painless. The only doscomfort comes from the energy used to treat the hair. If that is too painful for you, there are lots of great topical anesthetics like EMLA and ELA-Max which can greatly reduce the amount of pain you feel.