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I have these very dark hair patches on my chin and bits on my neck that i would like to get removed. I found this place called Transhealth in London that do pain free electrolysis using anaesthetic injections to numb the area for up to 3 hours. Just want to know if these treatments are safe? Has anyone done this method before or has done some treatment at Transhealth?

I live in UK London

I have not been treated at that site, but i have obtained permanent scars from injections to numb my skin. There are some photos of the long term outcome in this forum. Therefore i am more than skeptical on numbing injections. It depends, however, on the technique - numbing, e.g., the upper lip from inside the mouth at the edge of the upper jaw, is ok if performed by a dentist (!!!). Letting a physician do that job is IMO crucial because a fairly high dosis of ultracaine (or similar…) is required to cover such long times. Such stuff is dangerous; it can even kill people if applied incorrectly.

What i consider dangerous to the skin is to apply densely distributed injections of the anaestetic into the skin; these together with the treatment might put a too large “healing load” onto the skin and thus cause permanently visible damage.


I personally haven’t heard of them, but think you are wise to get some feedback from people who have used them before. The idea is similar to what E-3000 uses in Texas.

It says they use an IPL for laser which from what I’ve read is not a true laser, so that would make me a bit suspicious as to their hair removal expertise.

Pain during electrolysis if there is any is generally tolerable with a topical anaesthetic if really needed. Some of the newer computerized machines apparently reduce any pain that might be felt compared to some of the older machines.

I would be more concerned with the experience of the electrologist and their track record. Seeing someone more locally on a regular basis who can guage your skin’s reaction to the treatments, and whom you can go for regular follow ups is probably a good idea.


thanks for the replies much appreciate it. If anyone in the UK London knows of an experienced electrolysis please let me know.

Maybe the BIAE will be able to help You: ?


PS: another word on transhealth: using anaesthetic injections for numbing the area of treatment is pretty independent on the working skills of those people in electrology. As no one will force You to have those injections it might be worthwile to talk with them and to have test treatments in order to get Your own impression.
It might also be worthwile to them about using topical EMLA. I do have customers who apply EMLA in the face and travel to me with foil on the numbed area.

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Myself and quite a few members of this forum are having successful results from Parkside Beauty Centre. They have 4, very experienced BIAE registered electrologists:

It’s not pain free but I don’t think it’s too bad at all - the sensation is bearable, especially once you become accustomed to it… You can use EMLA as others have suggested.

The consultation is free. My electrologist, Sharon, is very good with looking after the skin too. I’m sure the others are as well.

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