Hair Removal Practicioners in NYC?

The one thing that seems to stand out most from these postings is the importance of going to a reputable practicioner. Is there anybody who is willing to share the experiences with LHR or IPL treatments in New York? Specifically:

  1. Who did you go to?
  2. What type of laser/IPL system?
  3. how many treatments?
  4. cost?
  5. how effective?

I really would appreciate any info!

By the way, I’m a guy thinking about removing hair on my back.

I tried to respond to your private message, but was told that you were not receiving.
I went to Azure Day Spa in NYC
Mina was my practitioner, and she has been doing it for 7 years.

she is very thorough and knowledgeable
she used Candela Gentlelase on me, and the results have been very good.
no scabs and good clearance.
it is not cheap, but I have not found someone very cheap in NYC.
hope that helps

I just found this site and I have recently been :wink: undergoing treatment with Mina at Azure day spa. I am very happy with my results and I have researched alot of places in NYC. I compared all practitioners who use Candela Gentlelase and it is also less painful because of the liquid cryogen that sprays your skin before the laser hits it. Mina is professional and it is one of the less expensive places to go; comparatively speaking.