Hair removal places in Glasgow Scotland


I’ve been researching hair removal clinics/salons in Glasgow Scotland.

For everyone else in this part of the world’s benefit - here are my findings.

There are 6 places that I know of -

  1. Chi Health & Beauty
    Within Marriott Hotel
    1041 226 1513

  2. Savannah Beauty Centre
    Crow Road, Jordanhill
    0141 334 0077

Chi & Savannah offer Aculight IPL which is in IMHO, only partially effective.
I have extensive information about my 6 course Aculight treatment at Chi (and why I didn’t choose Savannah) on my web site at

  1. Boots
    Sauchiehall Street
    0141 353 6426

The woman who answered the phone at Boots was very professional, answered my questions well, knew the limits of her knowledge and correctly advised me to take a consultation.
They use the Lightsheer diode laser and the cost for the beard area is £125 per treatment with a block deal
of 6 treatments for the price of 5 (£625 - although the woman on the phone quoted me a different (the wrong) price). They advise 6-8 weeks between treatments and an average initial block of 6 treatments.
They have been practicing LHR for 3 years. At the moment (30 Apr) they are offering a free consultation and patch test (normally £19).
I have had a consultation and test patch here and the nurse I dealt with was extremely knowledgeable and professional. All their nurses are real RGN nurses and have BTEC qualification in laser hair removal. I was most impressed.

  1. Lasercare
    Southern General Hospital
    0141 201 1577

While not unprofessional, I didn’t get the same sense of professionalism I got from the woman who answered the phone

at Boots - it seemed more pushy and sales driven. I asked what type of laser they use - they have 3 - ruby, alexandrite and Lyra (Nd YAG). She asked what skin type and hair colour I had and then said I would need the Lyra laser. She said they did lots of men and that one of their nurses has 5 years experience.
Then she said that it was very hard to treat male beards and most guys would need 30 treatments. This is very honest and very much appreciated. A consultation & test patch is £20. The rest of the prices are on their web site. It is the same price regardless of which laser is used.

  1. Regency Laser & Beauty
    0141 423 9727

Regency seemed the least professional over the phone but very honestly told me that they didn’t treat male beards
because the success rate was so poor which again was very honest. They have an Nd YAG laser.

  1. Glasgow Royal Infirmary/Yorkhill Childrens Hospital
    If you have a hair problem which is causing you physical or psychological problems then your GP could refer you for treatment under the NHS here. Treatments are under Mr Mackay’s supervision.

Thats it. Needless to say, I am likely to go with Boots but will wait to see how I get on with my patch test. I will update you all in a couple of weeks


Yv. xxx

HI Yvonne,
I am a newbie here, but after reading your post I wanted to ask you if you have been to Boots yet for your treatment? I am considering this myself as I have suffered ingrowns and consequent scarring for years now. I have just started reading about the laser treatments and there seem to be so many. I am also from the Glasgow area so any info on your treatment would help me decide.


Hi Mhairi,

Yes, I had my first full treatment on Wed.

I’m a bit busy right now so haven’t had the time to write up my experience. I will do this soon and post to this forum once I do.

I wrote about my test patch at

It will be the same URL for all my updates.

Feel free to email me with any questions.

You should also note that I am a guy (only a part time woman). My results are therefore not necessarily reflective of what you might get.


Yv. xxx

Hi yvonne
I must say what a brill post. I have had 12 treatments on my face/neck and was starting to have doubts about how affective it was. But after reading your post and what was said regarding 30 treatments i will give it another try after the summer. I wish that i had Known this prior to starting out , i would have had second thoughts.
No one has ever mentioned that it would require so many treatments even the women at the clinic i go to have never hinted of this ,but my current experience is that your information in my case will prove to be correct.
thanks for the post and i hope the results of your treatments are what you desire.

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