Hair removal... of an unusual type.

I know this forum is for hair removal from the human body, but I’ve got a lot of hair I need removed and so was hoping to find some possibilities here amongst the experts. I have several articles of clothing that have enough dog hair in them to MAKE another dog. I considered the typical tip for this (a sticky roll run over the clothing to get the hairs) and realized that at a rate of five to six layers of sticky film per article of clothing, I’d need three or four whole lint rollers to get all the hair out… not to mention about twelve hours of rolling and washing. :fearful: And, of course, the problem will just show up again in the future. So… what I’m hoping to find instead is a nice depilatory that I can cover my clothes with to disolve the hair without hurting the fabric. Anything like that out there?

Any help appreciated. :smile:

Hmmm… I don’t know whether you’re being serious, but I happen to know the answer to your question so … what the heck! :smile:

The answer is that they sell reusable dog hair removal brushes that look like velvet on one side. You wipe your clothes and then wipe off the brush. You can use the same one for the rest of your life without buying anything new. Try a pet supply store.

If you decide instead to rub depilatories all over your clothes … that might solve the problem as well … because the darn things stink so badly, your animals probably won’t ever come near you again! :smile:

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Hi RobinDude–

I would definitely not put depilatories on your clothes. I have two cats, so I know plenty about hair removal of the type you mention.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you brush your dogs daily, you’ll get a lot of the excess hair taken care of. Be sure to vacuum and lint roll the furniture, too. With my cats, if I get my hands a little wet and then pet them prety firmly, I can get a TON of hair on my hands, which then washes off into the sink.

I also have no fewer then five lint rollers and the velvet brush mentioned before. Comes with the territory. Sometimes I use the lint roller on my little cat because she likes it more than the brish, and it definitley gets all the loose hairs.

Good luck! :grin: