Hair removal methods - need help

Hello everybody,

I am interested in possibilities to remove some hair from my back and neck so recently I’ve found pretty interesting website - it is about healthy living and related stuff. There are few articles about possible hair removal methods i.e.
My question and more like an open topic for discussions - which method would you prefer and are these articles useful - I should choose one of the methods for my hair removal.
Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you in advance.

in my oppinion you shouldn’t use laser… it’s just too expensive… better would be electrolysis, i think. besides, it would cost less.

Hello Amandaw,

Thanks for your answer. By the way, have you read articles in that website ? I am thinking about electrolysis method. There is quite scary description, but results should be pretty good. Any ideas ?

as far as i’m conserned, electrolysis is ok with sensitive areas with less hair, but i might be wrong. Yeah, i checked the website, looks pretty interesting, could be some more articles.
as for the methods, i think you should chose between laser end electrolysis, both are permanent, i don’t suppose you’d want to use wax or some depilator again and again <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

your major 2 options are temporary (cheap in the short run) or permanent hair removal. the results, costs, and commitment are obviously completely different.

if you do choose permanent, you need to provide us with a bit more information before we can tell you whether laser or electrolysis or a combination of both would be best. you need to tell us your skin and hair type, hair color, coarse or fine hair?, how much hair? dense or sparse hairs? looking for 100% permanent removal or just a reduction. etc

If I were writing this information from the sanusvictus website describing electrolysis, I would included the comments written in red to make this truthful. No wonder people get scared. Again, we see the results of information that is not researched properly and is lazily thrown together, or at its worst, biased, for the sake of gaining ground for promoting a particular product.

"Electrolysis As Another Method For Hair Removal

Electrolysis is another method for hair removal. ([color:“red”] Electrolysis is a method used for permanently removing hair. [/color]) [color:“red”] As with all methods of hair removal, [/color] It has some advantages and disadvantages. The good thing is that results after this procedure are permanent.( [color:“red”]Redundant. Should have been stated in the first sentence. [/color]) However, it has such side effects as possibility of infection and unwanted pain.( [color:“red”]Huh? So does laser, waxing,and tweezing. [/color]) Also it is a long procedure – it takes up to 15 hours for visits at hair removal specialist’s office. ( [color:“red”] Fifteen hours spread out over a year? Fifteen hours every week? Fifteen hours for an upper lip? Fifteen hours for a full grown man’s back? Whatever does this mean?[/color])

A lot of people want to know more about this method. It is based on insertion of needle ( [color:“red”]should say, sterile PROBE [/color]) into the hair follicle and performing weak electrical impulse to follicle root. Purpose of this procedure is to burn ( [color:“red”]BURN! Really![/color]) hair root and often it takes 2 or even 3 times to completely burn hair root and preventing it from producing more hair.([color:“red”]How about a more accurate description: "Hair by hair the electrologist directs a tiny,sterile probe into the hair follicle down to the hair root, destroying the root by heat energy, chemical energy, or both heat and chemical energy at the same time, so that the follicle can never produce another hair. Some hairs may need to go through a breaking down process because they are so big. These hairs might need a second or even a third treatment when they regrow, but will be thinner and weaker each time and thus, permanently eliminated.[/color]) As it was mentioned, it is quite long procedure as each follicle must be treated individually. ( [color:“red”] How long is long? Is a year to eighteen months of sticking to a consistent plan of treatments too long to permanently solve one’s problem? Temporary methods will never bring permanent hair removal. Laser takes a year to eighteen months, also, and there are limitations with this method for what color of hairs it can affect. [/color])

In conclusion it is important to mention that electrolysis as hair removal method is quite complicated as there are no standardized guidelines how to perform this procedure.( [color:“red”] Electrolysis has guidelines for proper treatment paramenters, hygenic practices and skin healing outcomes. Finding a practitioner that follows these guidelines should be the first goal of any consumer. It is a proceedure that requires talent, skill and education. [/color]) If you are a busy person and have no time to visit hair removal specialist’s office maybe it is better to use depilatories or Vaniqa cream." ( [color:“red”] Okay, so this author advises busy people with unwanted hair to remain like a hamster on a wheel to keep running in circles trying to catch up with their daily hair problem? Depilatories? What about skin irritation or if the hair gets so thick, it won’t dissolve as well as it use to? What if Vaniqa irritates the skin and won’t work after 6 months of treatment? Vaniqua is expensive. You need to apply it two times a day for the rest of your life. You could have paid for electrolysis and had the hair permanently removed. [/color])

Consumer beware.


Thank you Dee. I am so glad that Andrea and I are not the only ones around here with teacher’s red ink anymore.

Hey everybody,

Yes, I totally agree with the remarks, but maybe it is a good thing as that website will become better - now I see that they are only starting. Another interesting article, posted today hair removal methods’ review on .
It might be another topic for our discussions.


these websites are not helpful. they are written with poor grammar and their main purpose is to attract people to click on the paid ad content. if you want to read actual useful information on any of this, go to websites for established associations, like the association of electrologists etc.

As per your question, I would like to tell you that I have been using razor from the age of 15. Many people say that using razor can make hair thick or even lead to ingrown hair, but I didn’t face any such issues. And I even did waxing and it was not as painful as it is considered after using a razor. Well, it totally depends on an individual’s preference and nowadays there are many best hair removal products available, all you need to do is to try it yourself and choose the one that suits your skin and body.