Hair Removal Failure

I am a 47 yo Male, I live in NYC, I began hair removal on my Back, Neck and Shoulders in 2005. I was told I was a prime candidate because of my skin and hair color. The cosmetic group Lite Touch gave me a guarantee of 3 years with the 6 prescribed treatments. I have been in treatment for almost 3 years and not only is the hair not been removed but I now have more hair in areas I did not have it before. I went to confirm my appointment for this month and now the company has gone out of business. They claim the practice is being taken over by another group, however when I contacted them they are refusing to accept me as a client.

As a word of caution to men contemplating hair removal, it is not a pleasant procedure to have to go through for two or more years, and the result are mixed at best. Looks like I got screwed out of a few thousand dollars.

We always feel badly for laser failures that experience no results with businesses that are not run very well. It’s a money issue as well as a big disappointment because you paid a lot to look the same or worse after years of treatment.

Do you know what laser was used on you?

Apogee I believe.

Sounds like a good one for hair reduction.

Whether you get results doesn’t just depend on the color of your skin and hair. That’s what I think gives people wrong expectations. Most important to get results is only treating hair that’s dense and COARSE and using effective settings.

It sounds like your hair mostly wasn’t coarse enough to treat in the first place. The fact that you mention induced growth is a factor that supports this since that’s what can happen when treating fine hair on this specific area. Of course, using low settings probably had a big impact as well. The fact that they went out of business is an indicator that you probably weren’t the only one in this situation.

Apogee is usually an alexandrite laser which is good in good hands on coarse hair. There is an Apogee Elite model too, which is both an alex and a Yag laser in one.

I would recommend for you to check out Romeo & Juliette in NYC and have the owner Chris take a look at your problem areas. He can be honest with you on whether the hair is coarse enough in the first place and treatable at all. He is a contributor on this forum.

If you can post pictures, we can help too. It would be great to know what settings were used on you during your treatments, but it sounds like there isn’t a way to find out at this point. Can you share if you experienced shedding of the hair after each treatment?

I will post some pics tomorrow, I will have to take them. I questioned my self why they were treating my whole back when it was specific areas I wanted to have treated. The bastards should be sued

Not the best picture but I think you will get the point. The hairs you see on my upper back were inactive Vellus hairs that have now begun to grow. This is three years into treatment. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

SIDUDE. I’m 26 and I experienced the same exact result as you. Not only did it not work, it was worse. As LAGirl pointed out, laser shouldn’t be done on vellus or thin hair as it can make it worse…I wish my technician cared enough to tell me that. Now i’m several thousand in the hole with nothing to show.

I used an Apogee and GentleLASE laser. I did 6 treatments.

Crap what a filthy world we live in!

I went to Romeo and Juliet today and had them do a full session Neck, Back Shoulders and arms. They were very professional and Chris the owner to a real interest in my case and he seems to really care, and the great thing is they only do Laser hair removal. I was happy with the price and treatment, I did not buy a package from them because I want to see results. Chris say I looked as though I have a single session done, and I had been in treatment for 3 years.

I went to Laser Cosmetic which is the company that was supposed to honor the Lite Touch contracts, what a scam, they were not offering anything, the set me up with what they called a discount package that cost more than the package I originally paid for.

That’s really strange that they would tell you they didn’t want you as a customer because I was getting treatments at litetouch and now are having them at laser cosmetica with no problems. One problem I had is that a different person does my treatments and I can’t seem to find out where my old tech went. Which location were you refused at?

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bump, what happened? updates? did you improve?^^

Btw, that HanaH screenname is from a competitor of Chris’s - not that it’s not clear in the above post. Nice try.

Gotta love these so called hair removal techs. I bet alot of them were french fry techs at McDonald’s just before they opened their salon.

Maybe they were - but it is up to the consumer to check and take responsibility