Hair Removal creams for man's face and body?

Hey everyone, as you can see i’m new here so i’m pretty confused about this. But I have a question to ask. I been looking for creams or anything, to decrease or get rid of hair all over my body and face. I do not have the money for Laser Removal. Does anybody know any typical creams that can do it? I’m a guy and i find it embarrassing (sometimes) … where i get unconfident is on my face. I shave, the next 2-4 days it grows completely back… grows fast. I have sensitive skin, and once the pokey hairs grow back in a day or so. My skin gets really… how do you say … itchy more like a burn feeling… irritated. I want to get rid of hair mostly of my face and body. If anyone could help. It’d be appreciative. I want to try Revitol cream. But i’m not sure what the effects are when putting it on.

Those creams don’t work.
You need to find someone to do electrolysis on you. At the least, you need to get a partner, and the two of you read the electrolysis books, and work on each other. You can go half and half on a machine and all the other equipment and be happy.

I tried Revitol yesterday and my bikini area feels like it was burn and not all the hair was gone so I end up shaving again. Gee.