hair removal before srs.

is laser adequate for the hair removal that is required before srs…
or should that be done with electrolysis… since there is a chance that the hair may come back after laser? (isnt there?)


Genital hair removal is a recommendation but not a requirement of many SRS surgeons. I recommend getting it done to improve cosmetic results and to allow the surgeon to avoid spending time removing hair from the surgical site. This allows the surgeon to spend more time on other things (like making the result look better), and it may reduce the time you are under anesthesia.

Consumers with light skin and dark hair may find a few preliminary treatments with laser to be a beneficial way to reduce hair in the areas to be cleared. If you decide to try laser, I recommend completeing these treatments about one year before SRS. This will allow you to complete the job with electrolysis (usually a necessity). Those with sparse hair or who do not have light skin with dark hair would be well-served to use electrolysis exclusively.

For more information on recommendations from TS advocacy groups and diagrams from several prominent surgeons, please see:

TS Roadmap: Genital hair removal prior to SRS

I would highly recommend consulting with your surgeon when considering pre-op hair removal. Being a full body blonde :wink: Laser had virtually no effect downstairs. So I am going the electrolysis route. I have had several friends who ended up with results they were not totally satisfied with because they had hair removed where they didn’t need to. I am currently awaiting surgery with Dr. Meltzer. Even his newest diagrams on his web site were not as clear as I wanted so in order to make sure of where to remove hair, I went to Portland and took my digital camera and a “Sharpie” marker with me. I had Dr. Meltzer draw on my body the exact area he wanted cleared and then I had him take pictures which I then printed out and gave my electrologist. Hope this is helpful.


this may be a dumb question, but what is srs?

SRS - Is what they call sex reassignment surgery. Anyway to add to this discussion, I have had SRS with Dr Menard, and they actually don’t recommed getting the area cleared because the burn the area during the surgery to kill of most of the hair. I myself only have a few hairs left in that area, I guess I would say for me it was very effective.


As Punkrockgirl said some doctors such as Brassard and Menard of Montreal use a cauterizing technique on the areas which require hair removal. In effect they burn the hair follicles where necessary.

That is where I am planning to have my surgery, with
Dr. Brassard.

You should check with your specific doctor.

I think it is an area which not too many electrolygists would work on, so you may have to work at finding someone.
If you really want it done, check with some trans people in your area who have had it done for a recommendation.