Hair regrowth

I am a 21 yr old male with blond hair and green eyes. I am also fair skinned. I have been developing hair on my neck, back and shoulders. I have gone to get 8 treatments on my neck and shoulders yet the hair is still there. I also think that the hair is still developing. Does anyone know why this is not working?

Hi Dank,

Short of burning, poor or no results is the worst that can happen. This is predictable since you have blond hair.

I have black hair and pale skin type II and should be a very good candidate. But after 5 Laser Sheer treatments for my beard, there is NO difference whatsoever. No thining, no change of colour, nothing. The hairs are as abundant and dark as they always were. I did have a temporary loss of hair though.

My question is:-
Is it worth it to continue the treatment if I have not seen any positive results so far?


A young man would still have new hair growth scheduled until around 25 years old. However, had you have electrolysis, you would be seeing much less hair, because with the right practitioner, you would have caught up to the growth phase, kept the skin bare, and only the new growth from follicles that previously grew no hair would be coming out now.

As for the other question, should you continue when you see no results. Well, those who give guarantees usually say, “Pay us a certain amount of money, come in on this schedule, and we will give you free treatments once every 3 months if needed up to a certain date, (usually 2 years after the first treatment) after which, you are out of luck.” How does that guarantee make you feel?

DANK, laser doesn’t work on blonde hair. Some Nd:YAG long pulse lasers claim to work on lighter hair but my practitioner has not seen that happen.

A new system called Syneron is now on the market is supposed to work on all hair colors and skin types.

Mike 2003 what fluence were you treated at and was it the Lightsheer? Beards do require lower fluences at least at first but maybe yours were too low.


Let me please clarify, I have blonde hair on my head, but the hair I want to remove is dark!!

Sorry to hear both of you have lost a lot of money on laser treatments.

Dank, some consumers do not respond to laser, even among those who are considered “ideal” candidates. While some of this can be attributed to practitioner skill, even under clinical conditions, some consumers with dark hair and light skin do not respond with a permanent reduction.

Mike, if I were you, I’d try someone else at this point, or give electrolysis a shot. You may be one of those unlucky few who don’t respond. Either that, or your practitioner does not have enough experience with the ultimate stress test of male facial hair. That’s why laser places give no guarantees.