hair regrowth with waxing, epilating?

I was wondering if anyone could clue me in (or at least point me toward some academic literature) on the effects of waxing/tweezing/rotary epilating on hair re-growth.

I was brought up under the theory that waxing and tweezing (i.e., putting hair out of the root) led to slower hair regrowth and–in certain parts of the body–permanent reduction. (This was confirmed both my members of my family and various waxing salons I’ve been to.)

But now I’m seeing that some people (people peddling laser and electrolysis in particular) are advocating the theory that tweezing, waxing, and epilating actually strenghten the hair follicle and lead to more hair regrowth.

I’ve been waxing and tweezing various parts of my body since I was 10 (I’m 25 now). I now own an Epigirl rotary epilator (which I’m happy with, although it is quite loud). I don’t want to continue a practice that in the long run contributes to more and stronger hair regrowth. Any thoughts as to this debate? I’d love to see some literature on this.