Hair regrowth -Pls advice!!

I got my first treatment on my upper lip and chin 3 weeks back. The first 2 weeks there was no hair at all and it was perfect, but the 3rd week a lot of hair came out again (maybe my hair growth cycle is like that). Its the same dark coarse hair. I am concerned cause its the same amount of hair that I had before the treatment (I had taken a picture before treatment). Its not baby hair that I have read about, its dark and thick like before.

I will be going for another treatment today. Is this normal or maybe is my electrologist is doing something wrong. She has 5 years of experience and I dont feel any tweezing during treatment.

Please give me your opinion, I do not want to waste time and money and risk any skin damage.

I am about to go in for my 4th treatment on a different area, and there is more regrowth then after the 2nd treatment! I am expecting a major reduction in regrowth arfter this treatment or else I will really start to get frustrated. The same thing happened about 5 years ago (everything grew back, and more), and I stopped treatments, but now I’m seeing a differnt Electrologist, and I also know that it just takes an incredibly long time before you get 100% clearance. I have told myself it takes 9 months of regular treatments, but I would like for the reduction to icrease. I will report in 3 weeks, and hopefully it will be positive.

Stay the course guys. Redhead, you are correct to expect at least nine months, with several treatments under your belt. It’s those darn hair growth cycles, it is dormant hair under the skin that we can see and treat in the beginning, it is hormonal influences in some areas that keep targeting hair follicles… If you quit,you might be giving up at a point where you are close to turning the corner.

Avon, one treatment as I’m sure you already understand, is nowhere near to the point of permaneny you are working toward. The hair you see after 3 weeks was not available to treat at your first session. I’m very certain it is not the same hair that was removed the first time if it’s only been three weeks. Were you tweezing prior to your first electrolysis treatment? If it’s the same hair, it’s hair that defy’s the very nature of the hair regrowth cycle.Three weeks is a pretty short time for the same coarse hair to reappear.

It’s great news that you felt no tweezing during your treatment and if your skin healed well,it’s sounds like you have a good practioner. Give her a chance to do her thing, hair removal doesn’t happen overnight unless it’s temporary hair removal.


I know and understand what you are saying Dee, but it is good to hear it again. I think you are right about me turning a corner soon, and my Electrologist told me today that things are looking good, but it just takes time. She definitely feels, although you just can’t ever say for sure, that after about 10 treatments, I will just have to come back for a few hairs here and there, and after about 7 treatments, I will start to see a huge difference. I do see a difference already, I just am impatient to see more. It’s just amazing how hair grows, with all the different cycles and factors, and it really is a process.

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Of all the people on this board, redhead, you are the last person I need to ‘teach’ about hair removal and hair growth cycles. You are the consumer expert. Thanks for all your valuable input. I know you have helped a lot of hairy people by sharing your expertise.

Just a thought…Before I was an electrologist, I had my underarm hair removed. I clearly remember complaining to a friend as we were walking, that I felt as though I had wasted a lot of time and money because I still had plenty of hair for all my effort, almost 9 months after consistent treatments. Not long after, I mustered up the courage to tell my concerns to my electrologist. She was encouraging, so I continued, even though I wasn’t sure I believed her. I’m glad I did, though, because I did became hair-free in time. I kept thinking, “electrolysis worked on my legs, so why wasn’t it working on my underarms”. The person that did my legs was not the same person that did my underarms, so ,thus, the difference in practioner skill AND they each used a different modality of electrolysis, too. It was slow and expensive, but I’m hair-free now for 20+ years - goal reached.

At the time, I wouldn’t have had to think so hard about if electrolysis was working or not, if the Internet had been invented and I had access to a great site like this. Thanks again, Andrea. I liked both of my electrologists, but looking back, it would have been very helpful if they had explained hair growth cycles and other things about the process to reassure me that my time and hard earned money were not being wasted. Talk about blind faith, I had it, scattered with moments of doubt, but all turned out well for me in the end. I suspect you both will do well,too.


Do you have any hair at all growing on your legs and underarms?

Dee, Thanks for the reply, Yes I was tweezing regularly before the treatments, could that be a reason for this fast regrowth? I understand that once hair is removed it does not come back, but it just seems to be a lot of NEW hair to regrow. Well I am going to go for a couple of more treatments and will report back in a few weeks. I just hope that I see some results soon.

Not on my underarms, but on my legs around my knees, I basically ignored the fine, light hairs and didn’t bother treating. They are scattered and barely noticiable. That area is very sensitive so that is why I decided to leave those hairs alone.

Sorry avon, I missed your question above.

The plucking you did before electrolysis will make it seem as though electrolysis isn’t working when in actuality, the hairs you tweezed are the ones regrowing, not the hair that was destroyed by electrolysis. Now, let me add to the confusion: you will have some REGROWTH from SOME treated follicles, too, because we electrologists are only human - we may miss our target below the skin because we can’t see our target 100% of the time.

The hairs you tweezed are not synchronized, so you will see several waves of NEW GROWTH from the ones you plucked. Just keep at it and there is a point where you will turn the corner with electrolysis. We have a lot of catch up to do in the beginning sessions of electrolysis because of client tweezing, but eventually, we do catch up and that’s when you notice the a change for the better. Lastly, factor in practioner skill because it makes all the difference to the outcome.


Dee, so you are saying that once a hair is treated with electrolysis it never grows back?? It just seems that after my treatment a lot of hair grew back, and I was like how can I have so much NEW hair. Well I am just going to go for my treatments and wait for a couple of months to see what happens.

Also how much time should I give between treatments. The hair on face grows really fast so is 1 week enough time for the skin to heal?

Thanks once again for ur replies.

Once a hair follicle is treated properly with electrolysis,it is impossible for a new hair to regrow. Treating a hair follicle properly involves using the proper amount of heat together with the proper amount of time to destroy the tissue that causes the hair to regenerate and grow again.

You have more hair than you think, especially if you have been tweezing regularly prior to electrolysis. New hair or regrowth is always the burning question??? I think 3 weeks after a treatment is a little to soon for that same hair that was removed by electrolysis to be returning. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. The main thing is that you need to remove the hair as it appears, stop tweezing and keep moving forward. If the hairs slide out gently with treatment and your skin reaction afterwards is fine, you are on the right track.

I like at least a week between treatments. Sounds like you may need weekly appointments in the beginning to catch up with those fast growers.


Hey Avon,
I think there’s no way that new hair was the same hair that got treated. One thing I read on here a lot is that the hair you see is only one third of all the hair you actually have. Some hairs are what you can see, some are growing but still under the skin, and the rest are follicles that are resting/dormant and haven’t squeezed out a hair yet. That’s why they say that it will take about 3 months before every single hair in an area will be treated at least once. For some hairs, that one shot will kill it, but thicker, more stubborn hairs (usually the ones that were being tweezed) will grow back thinner and lighter and need to be zapped a second or third time. So that’s why 9 months are usually needed–to go through a few hair cycles till everything is killed off. But the amount of time of your treatment and how often you go will taper off over those 9 months.

</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”> The hair on face grows really fast so is 1 week enough time for the skin to heal?
</font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>I get my chin and upper lip done once a week. Andrea, who runs this site, posted that she used to go two or three times a week. So i think one week is plenty of time.


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Dee and Susie, thanks for your replies. I hope what you are saying comes true and I see some improvement in the next few months. I will report back after some time.

Thanks again!

Some regrowth is normal. Click to: and it will answer your questions very clearly.