Hair re-growth! Bad sign ?

I’m having my chin and the neck beneath the chin area done. It has now almost been 3 weeks, and i will go in for my second appointment on thursday but i’m already considering changing because it seems like all the hairs on the chin area have grown back, and as coarse as before! Is this normal?! i highly doubt it, and i do recall her mentioning that “baby hairs” may grow, which we will have to work on yet again, but this also perplexes me as i thought it would be permanent, and i worry this might damage the nerve and possibly cause scarring…Should i think of changing my electrologist? Isn’t it a bad sign that all the hairs on a certain area should grow back with a few others growing back in the area where they appear to not be growing though im unsure as already about 5 have, after the others fully re-grew. I also have scarring, i mean the skin is scarred, not simply red but scarred and i worry if this may not go away as miraculously as she made it seem. She mentioned i would not scar, well this is definately scarring, and if it is to last then i definately refuse to continue treatment! I’m so confused ! Is this abnormal and a warning sign or is it normal that she should miss the entire area? i should point out this was the last area to be worked on, but my face is not for experimentation! i did mention to her that if she felt exhausted as she mentioned she should stop, but she did not. As a result, i was swollen in the area and scarred, in pain and all this for the hair to grow back exactly as before in less than 3 weeks! Should i cancel my appointment or go in and discuss this with her>? If so, what should i do ?