Hair Problems

I am a 22 year old female, and I have excessive hair everywhere!! I’ve been to an endocrin. who performed hormonal tests, only to find out I have no imbalances or PCOS, but that it could just be my follicles are sensitive to testosterone in my body. Well that is just great! I’ve been doing a combination of laser and electrolysis, but was wondering is it worth it? will it all come back if im sensitive to this hormone? please help! Thanks!

The hair follicles you have treated with electrolysis will not come back to growing hair. It is possible for your body to recruit new follicles to grow hairs where none grew before, but those treated follicles can not regenerate if they have been treated properly.

What you do need to do is to limit your risk of continued exacerbation of this problem. If you use any products with artificial sweeteners, start reading all your labels, and discontinue use of any products that have them. (that means keeping careful watch for the fact that sucralose is a word for Splenda Brand artificial sweetener that was designed to catch your brain autocorrecting it to the less harmful sucrose that is table sugar.) It could mean getting more soy products in your diet. There are lots of things to factor into this.

In the end, the difference between you having had permanent hair removal and not is the difference between you having more or less hair years from now, than you would have had otherwise.

If the choice is between having twice as much hair as you started with when you began treatment, 20 years from now, or having half as much hair as you had when you started treatment 20 years from now, which would you rather have?

Hi There,

I can certainly attest to the fact that electrolysis is worth it. I had some noticeable hair on the sides of my face, and a few years back, on the recommendation of a friend, decided to get them treated with Laser. This unfortunately had the opposite effect in my case and I had more noticeable growth as a result. I have now had 8 hrs of electrolysis and am so happy with the reduction, I have a few areas where the hair doesn’t come back at all :slight_smile: I know how hard it is to feel confident when you are going through so much, but have faith that electrolysis is going to work.

My electrologist has told me about a client of hers that gets laser done and then after 4-6 weeks goes for electrolysis with her. She isn’t happy with her clients choice of combining treatment types but is confident that any hair treated in the right phase with electrolysis more likely considered permanently treated hair. Everyone is different, but I have chosen to go for electrolysis 100%, as I feel safe in the hands of my electrologist.

Best of luck in your hair removal journey :slight_smile: ,

Pokka x

You may develop new hairs later in life which you can get touchups on. If you keep with it, you won’t have to do it often at all, so it won’t affect your life as the hair does now.