hair problems

I’m 25 years old male, I made a horrible mistake in the past with is that when I was 14 years old my legs hair stared to grow, I was embarrassed to wear a short and show my legs (don’t ask me why), one day I decided to shave my legs and I did, here the problem started, after couple of weeks the hair grew again it was coarser longer and double, 2 years after that I shaved again and it got worse. This is my problem I have coarse hair on my legs more than anyone imagination.
now my question is : is it possible through the laser to reduce the amount of hair and to have normal legs hair ,I’m not looking to remove all my hair I’m just looking for reduction of the hair, can I have that permanently through just one session of laser.
Thanks a lot

Hello jason77: From what my laser practioner told me, yes you will have reduction in the amount, courseness and darkness of the hairs. Assuming that you qualify for LHR (correct color skin and hair) you would probably see abit of difference in one treatment but everyone is different and you may not be happy with just the 1 treatment. Even if it takes you 3-4 treatments, it is worth it, I think. I didn’t think that I would feel much difference myself when I first started my treatments, but I have so much more confidence and I didn’t spend that much for it. Granted LHR is not cheap, (what is cheap anymore?), it is quick (with little maintenace especially if your a guy just trying to thin out you leg hair) and the results can change you whole self confidence. Good Luck, hoped I helped a little. Take Care